$ 3.30 $ 300 GT on AP final table

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      History. MP+1 is has been on my table for most part of the tourney. absolute crack pot who will not fold till the river and makes huge overbets on the river every time he is in the hand. Makes 8-10 times the BB with premium pockets and shoves the flop with AK AQ type of hands.

      Cereus Network – 800/1,600 NL – Holdem – 8 player

      UTG+1: 9,627.00
      MP: 81,426.00
      MP+1: 82,145.00
      CO: 13,600.00
      BTN: 37,343.00
      Hero (SB): 137,379.00
      BB: 17,780.00
      UTG: 51,200.00

      UTG+1 posts ante 150.00, MP posts ante 150.00, MP+1 posts ante 150.00, CO posts ante 150.00, BTN posts ante 150.00, Hero posts ante 150.00, BB posts ante 150.00, UTG posts ante 150.00, Hero posts SB 800.00, BB posts BB 1,600.00

      Pre Flop: (3600.00) Hero has [8s Qd]

      fold, fold, fold, MP+1 raises to 3,333.00, fold, BTN calls 3,333.00, Hero calls 2,533.00, fold

      Flop: (12799.00, 3 players) [5c 8h 2h]

      Hero bets 4,800.00, MP+1 calls 4,800.00, fold

      Turn: (22399.00, 2 players) [5c 8h 2h] [Kh]

      Hero checks, MP+1 bets 11,111.00, Hero calls 11,111.00

      River: (44621.00, 2 players) [5c 8h 2h Kh] [9d]

      Hero bets 16,000.00, MP+1 raises to 62,751.00, Hero calls 46,751.00

      MP+1 shows

      (One Pair, Threes)
      Hero shows

      (One Pair, Eights)
      Hero wins 170,123.00

      I was trying out the blocker bet on the river which didnt work here. Could someone elaborate if a blocker bet is suitable in this spot and if so was the bet sizing correct for the blocker bet. What general guidelines are used for making a blocker bet in terms of pot size to bet size and opponents stack.

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      fold pre flop, I dont like the defend there in sb with Q8o, I much rather squeeze or fold. You are out of position with a real marginal hand with lot of reverse implied odds, even on Q high flops u can never be sure if u r good and if pot gets big than u r generally behind, by calling here u r def getting urself in some bad spots post flop, so just fold pre. A sign of good player is folding his sb a lot, calling here with Q8o multiway in sb just terrible terrible.
      FLop lead is fine, though u can check call too to pot control. Whats the plan if he raised ur flop bet?
      I like turn check call, by checking u keep the pot small and can definitely induce bluffs from him since he cud try and rep a King.
      River-I am not a fan of block bets and hardly ever make them, its prob best to check/call than bet/call, I wud cehck and decide depending on his sizing, getting to river his range is pretty narrow since he is never value betting anything worse than a King pair and checking back all his other one pair hands, so when he bets river if u dont put him on a King its an easy call.

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      Well Adi to be honest i didnt have a plan if he raised my flop bet. This tourney was played when in Oct 10 and i had learnt holdem in Oct 09 in AIM Dorm from Rajat. Was not sure what i was doing. Since i lost a bit of $$ on the blinds in Cash games i was reviewing my play from the blinds in MTT and cash and hence posted this hand. Looked marginal to me and i was telling myself that as the chip lead on the final table you would make these plays. But in this hand probably i was calling 2 much with just a pair of 8.

      Well the history with this guy helped but i guess i took it too far.

      would you squeeze here on the SB with a raise and call as the chip lead.

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      fold pre flop, I dont like the defend there in sb with Q8o

      There u go

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      fold pre flop

      says it all … Just fold !!

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