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      Thoughts on the way that I played the hand and what are your thoughts when he pops it on the River?

      Hero BB $622
      Dealer $1500
      SB $1160

      Hero 7d8d

      Dealer Call
      SB Fold
      BB Check

      Flop: 8cJd2c

      BB Check
      Dealer: Bet $6
      BB Call

      Turn: Kd
      BB: Bet $18
      Dealer: Call
      Pot: $63

      River: 7h
      BB: Bet $42
      Dealer: Raise to $108

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      Are you only playing three handed ?

      Given the way it has been played … I would have to make the the call with two pair but I would not like it. Incomplete information .. I would guess you know his play and have some history .. He could easily have AJ AK and put you on a busted draw or weak J .. He may be extremely tight and unlikely to bluff … I would have to fold … kind of difficult without having a read/history ,,, there is no information garnished preflop by checking .. I would have raised with that hand and defended my blind .. as it is he could have flatted preflop with anything !!!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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