A complete newbie guide for starting with online poker. [Let make it together]

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      Arpit Agarwal

      The purpose of this thread is to create an exhaustive guide for starting with online poker. I am not talking about gameplay or poker skills. The questions under consideration are account opening, choosing right site to play, depositing cash and withdrawal.

      So here are some question which every newbie wants to know. Any help on answering this will be appreciated.

      1) Which site is the best to start with?
      I am thinking to start with pokerstars. They have pretty good review.

      2) I need complete clarification on bonus option. Like pokerstars have bonus for upto $600 deposite. What does it means and what are the limitations of this offer?
      Like I want to know if I deposit $600 in my pokerstars account I will get a bonus of $600. So my account balance will be $1200. Can I withdraw all of them?

      3) About bank account and funding.
      I have seen the sticky thread about moneybookers and neteller. But I want to know what are the best indian bank options.
      I have ICICI account and SBI account. Also have ICICI credit card.

      4) Withdrawal options? Is there any minimum withdrawal limit? How much time does it takes to reach your bank account?

      I request online poker veterans here to answer my queries. Let make this thread valuable for newbies like me.

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Hi Arpit. Let me try adding my insights to your queries.

      1. PokerStars is by Far the biggest and best. The variety of choices and stakes is unparalleled and you can be sure of finding a game of your liking anytime. But note that the fields are also tougher.

      On the other hand networks like 888 (Pacific) and William Hill (ipoker) have softer fields though less choices. Ideally its just a matter of where you feel you can perform best and win BIG that counts.

      2. No site can offer an instant bonus of $600. Members will otherwise just deposit $600 and double their money instantly. Most sites offer a clearing bonus which means once you deposit, a certain bonus is instantly credited. The rest is credited as you keep generating online rake.

      Take note of Reload bonuses which are offered from time to time.

      3. For deposits NEteller had a local bank deposit via ICICI Bank which has been discontinued. PResently the most convenient way to deposit is via Credit/Debit Cards (Visa and Mastercard).
      ICICI Bank credit card should work!

      4. Open an INR e-wallet (moneybookers) account. The withdrawal can take upto 7-14 days sometimes if you request an INR cheque.

      Hope this helps.

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      Sujith Raj

      2) Bonus :

      If you deposit 600, you can(read as – play/work for the bonus) clear your 600$ bonus in increments of 10$ as you generate VPPs.
      It depends on the stakes you play. If you play higher stakes, higher the fpp/vpps (fpp/vpp calculation will be mentioned clearly in respective pokersites) and faster u clear ur bonus 10$ at a time.

      Time period – I guess its 3 months (correct me mods if im wrong).

      Pokerstars does not offer rakeback (which is much essential if u are a true grinder), they have their own system of rewards.
      If u r preferring other sites, check for rakeback deals and open account through them – you will not regret this (again, provided u are playing 7-8hrs a day, masstabling or putting in volume)

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      Arpit Agarwal

      What is VPP?

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      Sujith Raj

      it will be described in pokerstars > vip club info

      but, buddy no offense. it will be pages on pages if we start explaining each jargon/linguals.

      anything n everything – google, and essential ones we can help you out

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      Poker Guru

      @Arpit: You can read more about earning VPP`s here > http://www.pokerstars.com/vip/earn/

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