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      Simon Mint

      Hello folks,

      I follow the forums here regularly…like five times a day and being a resource for indian players I like it a lot.
      There are so many wonderful stories here of indian players doing so well and it motivates me to try harder at my game.
      I’m not new to this forum but have not contributed regularly and hopefully it will change as my game gets better.
      Been playing poker on and off for the last 2 years at micro stakes mainly due to bankroll constraints and for the lack of better explanation..being unemployed for a long time (I won’t say how long lest I get booted off this site for laziness).
      I have also played live poker maybe 20 times or so.
      I play Texas holdem tournaments almost exclusively because I want to get better at one thing and turn a profit before moving on to Cash games and Omaha. But it just is not happening.
      To cut a long story short, I am trying to get better at this game mainly to become financially independent doing something I love and unlike a regular job which almost no one likes to do but are forced to do.
      I am on my last legs here as regards poker and I plan to give this one last shot before I quit playing.

      These are my stats (pokerstars) for the last 2 years or so from OPR…may not be entirely accurate but it gives a rough idea of the kind of player I am.
      Game * Prizes Profit ROI ABI AFS R/A ITM ITM
      Hold’em NL $3,497 <$0 -36% $1.35 626 3% 581/4021 14% Hold'em L/PL $0 -100% $2.18 412 50% 0/4 0% Omaha $1 $1 167% $0.10 240 0% 1/3 33% Omaha Hi Lo $0 -100% $3.99 713 25% 0/4 0% Other $0 $0 0% $0 0 0% 0/0 0% $3,498 -36% $1.36 626 3% 582/4032 14% =========================== ITM Finishes 1st 43 1st ties 6 2nd 39 3rd 39 4-10th 227 MTT Avg. Finish% Early 7% (10%) EM 17% (20%) Mid. 40% (40%) ML 24% (20%) Late 11% (10%) ========================= I have lost over $2000 on Pokerstars and FTP put together. Having played over 4000 sngs and mtts I wouldn't consider myself a beginner but I still make plenty donk moves. I just can't seem to move past micro stakes...one win leads to 20 tourneys without another win and a few min cashes only so it very frustrating and I always seem to end up losing more than I win I am primarily a TAG player but it depends on the opponents and so I change accordingly. Sometime I play too loose when I see that all my rubbish cards are hitting the deck and start taking more chances. My main gripe is that I've been extremely unlucky in a lot of situations deep in the money. I know luck is only a part of the game but for me it seems it plays a very big part if I win or lose. Seeing the -36% ROI is like a shot to the gut.....am I really that bad???? My main problem is the short bankroll which puts a lot of pressure on my game and sometimes I have to try to make min cash just to keep myself afloat. Is that the wrong approach? At the moment my br is so short I am playing .10/360. I usually play 4 to 6 tables. I have tried multi-tabling 10-12 tables because I get bored with few tables but I end up losing more. So I try to keep it consistent around 4 tables at a time to get a better read. I would really appreciate any help from people here. I don't care whatever suggestion you have no matter how ridiculous I am willing to give it a go. I know it might seem funny for me to say that I want to be a poker pro playing micro stakes...but what the hell we live only once so I might as well give this a good push and get over the line. Thanks for any and all suggestions. Simon

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Hi Simon,

      Great to see you finally sharing your Poker Story. Well I am pretty much in the same spot as you are.

      Well the great think is the realization that “We are making mistakes”. Then comes the tough part to find and resolve these mistakes.

      Do share some hands (on hand advise section) which you may have misplayed and I am sure the members and PG Pros will help you out.

      Good Luck!

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      Simon in my opinion you need to analyze the leaks in your game. More than putting in volume the key will be to learn right strategy. A good mentor can guide you properly by reviewing your hand history etc otherwise you may continue spewing.

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      Simon Mint

      @Rajat…Yes..thank you. I will post a few hands.
      @techdemo…I absolutely agree. I’ll probably beg Donkab0mber for a few minutes every now and then, moreover he lives in chennai too.

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      Good luck Simon and I hope to be reading about your online scores soon 🙂

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