Aces Unlimited – What do u prefer to play in our next series?

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      We will be announcing our next 1 year schedule in a week, with Player of the Series, Player of the Year, and much more.

      What games would you prefer to play?

      What stakes would you prefer to play?

      Give us your ideas, suggestions, in order to ensure that every1 has a piece of the cake ….

      Look forward to your comments …

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      bounty shootouts, rebuys, lower stakes HU tournies and best of all doubles poker!!!

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      Hey Aditya,

      Bounty, Shoot-Outs, Re-Buys are for sure ON!!!

      As for Lower Stakes HU Tournies, that we will not be able to do, as we want to keep the HU for High Rollers Weekend Series only, but, on the other hand, we can go down to 50K and target 32 players, instead of 16.

      Doubles Poker is surely on our minds. Let me see if we can include that for sure.


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      PLO or Stud would be great…

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      Hey APB – PLO is surely 1 of the games we have in mind … as for Stud not possible … I dun think lotsa people have any knowledge about that game …

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      looking forward for a PLO tourney then…

Viewing 5 reply threads
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