AK facing shove from BB, with 2 left to act

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      Poker Stars $15.00+$1.50 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t4000/t8000 Blinds + t1000 – 7 players – View hand 1770408
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      This hand took place around the FT bubble (15odd players left).
      Villain has been really active calling a lot of raises, getting involved in a lot of hands with the bigger stacks, seemed to be willing to get to show downs on really wet boards with close to air (like 2-3 times), couple of orbits earlier saw him call 3 streets n get to showdown with middle pair on a 4-card suited board against CL (& take it down ).
      I have been moderately active, raising from late position & taking pots down on flop/turn.
      In the last orbit had opened twice & folded both to a 3-bet & a shove (don’t know if this was a factor in how this particular hand played out :confused:).

      CO: t379936 M = 20.00
      BTN: t740512 M = 38.97
      SB: t534125 M = 28.11
      BB: t257438 M = 13.55
      Hero (UTG): t315234 M = 16.59
      UTG+1: t195998 M = 10.32
      MP: t192753 M = 10.14

      Pre Flop: (t19000) Hero is UTG with A K
      Hero raises to t16234, , BTN calls t16234, SB calls t12234, BB raises to t256438 all in
      Hero ???

      Am i ahead here or at even flipping??
      Also with 2 players left to act, & given their action, can i assume some my outs are probably dead ???
      Just seemed to be a sick spot !!!

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      You should not be worried about the other two at all..
      The BBs raise sort of looks like an overshove, hoping to get fold equity with his marginal pocket pairs, against AQ sort of hands. Also given the fact that he was fairly active, makes this an easier call. He is almost never jamming here with AA/KK unless he is scared to play postflop, which he clearly isnt.
      Also according to him, since you have been moderately active , its a great spot to squeeze with AQs/mid PPs sort of hand.

      I think its a snap call.

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      Snap call, this is such an incredibly easy call that frankly all these reads and dynamics don’t matter at all here. Never ever even think of folding this. His range for doing this can be very very wide indeed.

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      its a call imo.. math-wise .. around 310K in pot.. 250K to call.. u r 51-49 fav against a range of KK-99, AQ+ (considering villain is not shoving in case of AA)..

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      Personally to say the villain would not shove with AA is strange … anyone with AA and a preflop pot that size would be liable to shove to isolate and narrow the field. The last thing you want is 4 players to the flop with AA.

      Given the two callers could potentially have AX suited hands as well as pairs etc .. the fact that it will cripple his stack .. I wouldn’t say folding is right or wrong.

      You stated “he is happy calling lots of raises” with marginal holdings so if he is happy peeling off flops and playing his cards post flop .. why the shove now ? … possibly to protect a big pair from multiple players to the flop.

      I’d have rather seen a flop with AK than allin unless I am down to like 10 x BB ..

      Personally I’d probably have folded in this spot (especially if he was not prone to shoving) rather than race with AK … the pots/odds etc are fine for cash (& tourneys) but you have to factor in how much you will have left plus he will probably have to triple up to get back to where he was.

      Personally I’d fold and wait for a better spot and ensure a FT finish ( I wish ) but then again I am as likely to call when I get a rush of blood to the head.

      Fold or call … a case can be made for either option odds wise but at the end of the day … a better spot is preferable.

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      Snap call, this is such an incredibly easy call that frankly all these reads and dynamics don’t matter at all here. Never ever even think of folding this. His range for doing this can be very very wide indeed.

      Given that scenario states he always “calls raises” and likes to play flops with marginal hands like mid-pair. Why would he decide to try and squeeze ‘allin’ against three players. Given that he is possibly aware of his loose image .. it’s quite likely he could attempt to take advantage of that by overbetting his aces and making it look weak …

      I really can’t see how this call is easy as it will cripple his stack.

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      Easy call because none of this matters. He squeezes AJ/AT/AQ often and we need only 45% equity or so to breakeven, and we have much much more than that. Being crippled is sort of irrelevant here, you need to take good spots. You will never win tourneys by sitting and waiting for AA. This logic of passing up good spots and waiting for “better ones” is pretty bad in general and especially poor in a $16 turbo on PokerStars….

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