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      Yet another cheating scandal is emerging in the online poker world, after at least two nosebleed players are reported to have fallen victim for a scam, in which a trojan horse was installed on the players computers to see their hole cards during a nosebleed session.

      According to the reports, a German player had cheated at least one Swiss player and one Austrian player by a pre-installed Trojans.

      The Swiss had lost $350,000 and the Austrian $40,000 to the German cheater who is now living in England.

      All three parties have been present in the Poker EM which is currently being played in Austria, Baden, and according to German poker news site and forum, the two victims managed to make their way into the German’s hotel room, where they pressured him to confess.

      When local police arrived to the hotel, however, the German withdrew his admission of guilt, claiming that the two had forced him to confess.

      The local police is currently investigating the case as Internet Fraud, and one of the victims is rumored to be EPT Tallinn winner, Ronny Kai.

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      Boy oh boy!

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