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      Poker Guru

      [float-left][/float-left]The Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) is pleased to announce Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino in Cebu, Philippines as the host for APPT Cebu — the fifth leg that concludes Season 5 of the biggest and richest poker tour in the Asia-Pacific region.

      The APPT Cebu Main Event has been designated as an Official Asia Player of the Year Event and the PHP 100,000 (US $2,350) buy-in tournament takes place from April 25-30.

      Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im will return to defend her Season 4 title where she defeated a 236-player field in 2010. The Korean poker pro became the first female winner on the tour and was awarded the PHP 5.81 million grand prize.

      PokerStars qualifiers will once again be staying at the Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa which is undoubtedly the premiere Cebu accommodation spot.

      Players can qualify FREE to APPT Cebu packages on beginning February 13.

      APPT Cebu – Season 5 Schedule
      (All figures in PHP)

      Tue, Apr 24 @ 4:00 PM – PHP 10,000 Cebu Cup
      Wed, Apr 25 @ 12:15 PM – PHP 100,000 APPT Cebu Main Event – Day 1A
      Thu, Apr 26 @ 12:15 PM – PHP 100,000 APPT Cebu Main Event – Day 1B
      Fri, Apr 27 @ 12:15 PM – PHP 100,000 APPT Cebu Main Event – Day 1C
      Fri, Apr 27 @ 4:00 PM – PHP 25,000 Pot Limit Omaha
      Sat, Apr 28 @ 3:00 PM – PHP 30,000 No Limit Hold’em – Knock-Out Bounty
      Sat, Apr 28 @ 6:00 PM – PHP 10,000 Ladies No Limit Hold’em
      Sun, Apr 29 @ 2:00 PM – PHP 20,000 No Limit Hold’em
      Sun, Apr 29 @ 5:00 PM – PHP 50,000 No Limit Hold’em – 6 Handed
      Mon, Apr 30 @ 12:30 PM – PHP 250,000 High Rollers Event
      Mon, Apr 30 @ 2:00 PM – PHP 25,000 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

      For the complete APPT Cebu schedule please visit

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      Asia Pacific Poker Tour Schedule!

      Pokerstars sponsored Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) is just around the corner. APPT returns to Cebu for its 5th Season from the 24th April 2012 to 30th April 2012.The beautiful Shangri-La Mactan resort will once again play host as the official hotel for PokerStars players while the Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino will play host to the 2012 APPT Cebu tournaments. APPT Cebu offers poker players the chance to play poker in an incredible holiday destination.

      Here is the complete schedule:

      Follow this thread for further updates.

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      51 players on Day 1A of the Main Event. 34 players remain. Follow Live Reporting at the PokerStars Blog.

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      The Day1A of APPT Cebu Main Event saw 51 players registering, of which 27 players managed to move to Day2 of the Main event. Han Ruo Goh ended as the chip leader with 84,300 chips. Not far from him is Jacky Wang with 77,900 chips.

      Chip Leader Day 1A:Han Ruo Goh

      Day1 is revised to 6 levels of game play instead of 7 levels. Players like Michael Marvanek, Jesse McKenzie, Octavian Voegele, Michael Kanaan, Daniel Laidlaw, Stewart Ballard, PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu and Mishel Anunu all will be returning on Day2.

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      Why the numbers are so less for APPT ??

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      Rajat Agarwal

      I think its because of the overlap with APT Manila. I`m sure we will see a big spike in numbers tomorrow when everyone manages to come down for Day 1C.

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      will even ept madrid happening at the same time no euro players playing the asian circiuit guess these can also be the reason.

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      Day 1B comes to an end

      Out of the 76 players that had registered for the Day1B of APPT Cebu 2012 Main event only 42 survive and move on to Day 2. Therefore, 69 players are already off to Day2 and yet Day 1C is left to played. Antonio Martins finishes Day 1B as the chip leader with 119,000 chips. In 2nd place is 2010 Macau Poker Cup Championship winner Julian Hasse who is sitting with a stack of 96,500 chips.

      Day 1B Chip Leader: Antonio Martins

      Bobo Chen, Kenneth Wong, Kitty Kuo, Kim Gap Young, Hung-sheng Lin, Danny Chevalier,Daren Yoon, Team PokerStars Asia, Celina Lin (17,900) and defending champ Vivian Im (9,400). Team PokerStars Asia Celina Lin (17,900) and defending champ Vivian Im (9,400) all survived the day.

      Day 1c of the Main Event from 12:15pm local time.

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      In Day 1C, 116 players have so far registered we are in the 2nd level of the event.
      Players from Team India are playing the Main Event today.
      PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth Mohan (Samohh) is sitting with a stack of 29,500.

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      We are currently in the3rd level of play.
      Abhishek Goindi is sitting with a stack of 19K.
      Sangeeth Mohan has 18K left.

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      Samohh moves to 26K chips.

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Go samohhhhhh!

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      Team India Pro and recently concluded MPC Red Dragon runner-up Abhishek Goindi‘s run in the Main Event of APPT Cebu 2012 has come to an end.

      All this happened in a hand, when a player in UTG+1 opens to 600 at 100-200 blinds and 25 antes, 2 callers follow before Abhishek Goindi on the button makes it 2200, the player in UTG+1 4-bets it to 4200, the other 2 players fold before Goindi makes it 9200 and gets flatted by UTG+1.

      The J♣ 7♣ 8x is dealt on the flop. The player in UTG+1 fires a bet of 10K, Goindi moves allin for 9975. Goindi tables A♣ K♣ for a nut flush draw while his opponent shows pocket nines. The turn card and river card are completely bricks for Abhishek Goindi as his tourney run from the APPT main event comes to an end.

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      Day1C of the APPT Cebu main event is over. 117 players joined today to frame the official numbers to 244 players (Day 1a’s 51, Day 1b’s 76 and Day1c’s). Last season APPT Cebu saw a 236-player field. Lee Sang Yong finishes up as the Day 1c chip leader with 106,400 chips in his bag. Not far from him is Kuawei Zhong and Kenneth Leoung. Day 2 will feature a few more notables from today like Wally Sombero, Sangeeth Mohan, David Steicke and Vincent Rubianes.

      Lee Sang Yong: Day 1C chip leader

      A total of 129 players move to Day2 of the main event; 27 players from Day1A, 42 from Day1B and 60 from Day1C.

      Day2 of the 2012 APPT Cebu Main Event resumes at 12:15 pm local time.

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      Amit Jain is to be seated in Table 2 Seat 1. He currently sits with a stack of 12,700 chips.

      Table 7 will feature Sameer Rattonsey in Seat 8 with 42,300 chips.

      In table 10 Seat 1 will be Poker Guru Pro Amit Varma with 75,500 chips.

      Table 12 willsee PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth Mohan return in Day 2 in Seat 4 with 37,500 chips along with Gurdeep Singh in Seat 9 with 31,800 chips.

      Good Luck everyone!

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      Poker Guru

      Good Luck Team India.

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      Amit Jain has been knocked out from the Main Event of the APPT Cebu 2012.

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      aah 🙁 come on the rest of you…

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      The top 28 finishers will get in return at least PHP 153,510 and the winner receives PHP 5,927,000.
      The complete payouts are as follows:

      Place __________ Prize

      1____________________ 5,927,000
      2____________________ 3,732,000
      3____________________ 2,086,000
      4____________________ 1,592,000
      5____________________ 1,317,000
      6____________________ 1,043,000
      7_____________________ 823,000
      8_____________________ 658,500
      9_____________________ 494,000
      10 to 12_______________ 329,500
      13 to 16_______________ 274,500
      17 to 20_______________ 219,500
      21 to 24_______________175,500
      25 to 28_______________153,510

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      PokerGuru Pro Amit Varma currently has 178,000 chips and is leading in the chip stacks count.

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      Sameer Rattonsey moves to 55K in chips.

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      Chip counts at the start of level 10

      PokerGuru Pro Amit Varma is the current chip leader with 180,000 chips.

      Sameer Rattonsey has 40,000 chips.

      PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth Mohan has 35,000 chips.

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      Day 2 of the APPT Cebu is off a great start. The play has been fast and furious with a lot of players making their exit from the tournament and chip lead changing in almost every hand.

      Currently the 10th Level of the tournament is in progress with the blinds being 700/1,400 andante 200. The present chip leader is Amit Varma from India with180,000 in chips. Close on his heals is the reigning APPT Macau High Roller Champion Nicholas Wong he has 140,000chips at present.

      : Amit Varma

      Team PokerStars Pro’s Celina Lin and Raymond Wu are still in the hunt with 45,000 and 52,000 chips respectively.

      PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth Mohan has 38,500 and Sameer Rattonsey has 40,000 chips.

      So far today we have lost 52 players, there are 73 remaining. Other notable players who have headed to the rail include : well known Malaysian poker player Daren Yoon, Australians Mishel Anunu and Jesse McKenzie.

      There was a good field for yesterday’s side event, the $25,000 PHP buy-in Pot Limit Omaha. The field of 58 was battling for a piece of the $1,265,850 PHP prizepool. Play conituned late into the night with Hoi Ting Lee from Hong Kong the winner taking home $417,700 PHP. Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang managed to cash, a consolation for not surviving in the main event, he finished 7th for$76,050.

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      Amit Varma now has 170K, Sangeeth Mohan sits with 40K, Sameer Rattonsey has 40K and Gurdeep Singh has 31,800 chips.

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      PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth Mohan was eliminated from the tournament when his Ax Qx ran against his opponent’s Kx Kx (pocket kings).

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      Rajat Agarwal


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      Sameer Rattonsey is presently sitting with 148,000 chips.

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      After a long and tiring day finally Day2 of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour Cebu 2012 main event has come to a conclusion. After the end it is our very own PokerGuru Pro Amit Varma who stands top of the ladder with 545,000 chips.

      A total of 128 players returned to the felt today to try their hand at making a deep run and at the end we had 28 players remaining. The money bubble in the main event was Mikko Turtiainen who took a bad beat as in a flop of 5♦ 7♠ 9♣ his Q♣ Q♦ was up against Sungsik Bae’s 6♠ 6♦ and the turn threw a 8♥ to sent him home empty handed. That left us in the money with 28 players and Day 2 was all over.

      Amit Varma: Day2 chip leader

      The player who put in the best effort toward the business end of the day and will have the best shot at making a run at the PHP 5,927,000 first place prize is Amit Varma. Late into the evening it was Jacky Wang who held the chip lead, but nearing the bubble, Varma stormed away with it and left Wang in dust.

      Also joining Varma at the top of the counts will be Hoang Anh Do, Nicholas Wong and Xue Bin Pang, while the last lady standing, Kitty Kuo will start the day as the short stack and India Team Pro Sameer Rattonsey (191,000 chips).

      The top ten chip counts are as follows:

      Position Name Chips

      1 Amit Varma -545,500
      2 Hoang Anh Do -330,000
      3 Jacky Wang -274,500
      4 Nicholas Wong -261,000
      5 Xue Bin Pang -241,500
      6 Alistair Duff -223,000
      7 Sungsik Bae -221,000
      8 Sammy Huang -214,500
      9 Andrew Nguyen -201,500
      10 Antoine Amourette – 195,000

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Congratulations Amit Jain for finishing 2nd in the PHP 30K Knockout Bounty Event!

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      APPT Cebu Main Event: Day 3

      There will be 28 players heading to the felt today with stars in their eyes, but by the end of the day 19 of those will have been sent crashing to the rail as we play down to the final table. While all 28 players are now guaranteed some cash for their time, it is the PHP 5,927,000 first place prize that all the players will be eying off.

      One player who is in the best shape to ensure all his poker dreams come true is India’s Amit Varma. A huge Day 2 ensured Varma would finish up as the chip leader, and when we say “leader” we really mean it. Varma begins the day with 545,500 which is 200,000 more chips than his nearest rival, Hoang An Do.

      Close behind Do and in with a chance come clutch time are the likes of Jacky Wang, Nicholas Wong, Xue Bin Pang and Alistair Duff. Don’t rule out the talent of Julian Hasse, Michael Kanaan, Antoine Amourette and Carter Gill as they have all tasted success on the felt at a very high level before.

      All in all it’s going to be a huge day of poker, so strap yourself in and follow along with all the action as the PokerNews Live Reporting Team is on the floor from 12:15 pm local time and then all day long here on Day 3 of APPT Cebu.

      Day 3 Table Draw
      posted 1 hour 1 minute ago
      Table Seat Name Chips
      1 1 Antoine Amourette 195,000
      1 2 Steven Tegnelia 63,500
      1 3 Jae Kyung Sim 145,000
      1 4 Hoang Anh Do 330,000
      1 5 Carter Gill 52,500
      1 6 Alvin Cheam 61,500
      1 8 Hyung Kook Shin 173,500

      2 1 Chun Tat Lee 127,500
      2 2 Xiuming Huang 214,500
      2 3 Bobo Chen 172,000
      2 4 Mark Anthony Ortiz 46,000
      2 6 Antonio Martins 102,500
      2 7 Frederick Hallen 84,000
      2 8 Bobby Zhang 120,000

      3 1 Xue Bin Pang 241,500
      3 2 Sang Yong Lee 63,500
      3 3 Andrew Nguyen 201,500
      3 4 Julian Hasse 130,000
      3 6 Victor de Guzman 107,000
      3 7 Sameer Rattonsey 191,000
      3 8 Sungsik Bae 221,000

      4 1 Amit Varma 545,500
      4 2 Nicholas Wong 261,000
      4 3 Alistair Duff 223,000
      4 4 Christopher Edgar 145,000
      4 5 Hui-chen (kitty) Kuo 34,000
      4 7 Michael Kanaan 157,000
      4 8 Jacky Wang 274,500

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      Varma Doubles Up Kitty

      Kitty Kuo has had plenty of highs and lows already here on Day 3, having taken down a double-up early, only to lose a pot and sit with around what she started the day with. Well, it’s back up again for Kuo as she has taken another double for the ladies.

      It started with Amit Varma opening to 8,500 from the hijack. Kuo was then in the big blind and three-bet all-in for around 40,000. Varma made the call and turned over his 2♥2♦. Kuo would have plenty to work with, flipping over her A♥9♠

      Board: Q♦7♣5♠9♥T♦

      A good board for Kuo as she takes the double. 25 players remain in the APPT Cebu Main Event.

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      Varma setting pace

      Four players were in the pot for a 10♣3♦8♥ flop, including cutoff Jacky Wang and button Amit Varma. Wang made the first bet after two checks, tossing 18,500 into the pot. Varma raised to 38,500, driving the other two players out of the hand. Wang called.

      Both players checked the 5♠ turn. Wang also checked the J♣ river, then sighed when Varma bet 35,000.

      “Queen-jack?” he asked as he called the bet. Varma showed J♥J♦ for a rivered set of jacks.

      “Or jacks,” Wang answered himself. “You’re good.”

      He sighed again. “Ouch.”

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      Gill Takes Hit From Sameer

      The action started with an open to 11,000 from Sameer Rattonsey in the cutoff. Carter Gill flat-called from the button after studying Rattonsey’s stack and Hyung Kook Shin called from the big blind as three cards would be spread across the felt.

      On the 7♣5♥A♥ flop, Shin checked and Rattonsey bet 14,000. Gill made the call, Shin got out of the way and the dealer flipped over a 6♦. This time Rattonsey would get down to business, announcing he was all in. Gill immediately jumped out of his seat and said, “count it!”

      It turned out Rattonsey had Gill covered and Gill looked pained as he decided what to do. Eventually Gill would fold, turning over Q♥9♥ for a flush draw and gut-shut straight draw.

      Carter Gill 75,000 -65,000

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      Table Four Chip Counts

      Amit Varma 615,000 69,500
      Jacky Wang 330,000 55,500
      Alistair Duff 265,000 42,000
      Nicholas Wong 220,000 80,000
      Andrew Nguyen 210,000 8,500
      Chris Edgar 120,000 -25,000
      Michael Kanaan 115,000 -70,000

      21 players remain!

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      Equal 20th-Place Finishers

      Day 1c chip leader Sang Yong Lee has played his last hand. After Bobo Chen opened to 16,000, Lee moved all in for a total of 75,000. He then stood up and started jogging in place while Chen tanked. It was a surprisingly short tank for Chen, who called with A♦Q♠, a hand that dominated Lee’s Q♦J♦. The board rolled out blanks for both players, 8♦6♣4♠5♣10♠, allowing Chen’s ace-high to claim the pot and knock out Lee.

      On one of the other tables, Alvin Cheam and Sameer Rattonsey found themselves flipping for stacks with A♠K♣ (Cheam) against Q♠Q♦ (Rattonsey). This round went to the pocket queens, Q♣K♦T♣K♥5♥, to knock Cheam out in equal 20th for a PHP 197,500 score.

      Alvin Cheam 0 -155,000
      Sang Yong Lee 0 -95,000

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      Counts From Table Two

      The players are back in their seats and ready for more. In the mean time, here are how the chip stacks are looking over on Table Two.

      Jae Kyung Sim 430,000
      Hoang Anh Do 340,000
      Sameer Rattonsey 250,000
      Hyung Kook Shin 130,000
      Carter Gill 90,000
      Antoine Amourette 70,000

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      Hallen Home

      It all started when Sungsik Bae opened it up to 21,000 from middle position. Fredrick Hallen then three-bet to 38,000 from the cutoff. Bae made the call and some cards were dealt on the felt.

      Bae was in check-call mode as the board was dealt out 8♥7♦5♥4♣, with the flop bet from Hallen being 30,000 and the turn bet, 55,000.

      On the river, a K♥ was dealt and Bae immediately shoved all in. Hallen looked sickened and eventually folded. When Hallen folded, Bae tabled A♠T♠ and let out a celebratory scream louder than can be described using mere words. This prompted Hallen to get out of his chair and pace the room.

      Sungsik Bae 350,000
      Frederick Hallen 130,000

      It just seems somewhat standard that it would be Sungsik Bae who dealt the fatal blow to Fredrick Hallen’s tournament life after recently showing him that huge bluff.

      Hallen’s last hand started when Hallen shoved all in from middle position holding TxTx. Bae woke up with JxJx in the big blind and made the call. Again he let out a triumphant yelp as the board ran out K♠2♣5♥A♦5♠. With that, Hallen goes home in 18th place.

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      One Down and Down to Two

      The recent elimination of Andrew Nguyen has seen the Day 3 field whittled down to just two tables of eight. It was chip leader Amit Varma who dealt the blow to Nguyen, getting Nguyen to commit his chips preflop holding AxQx agsainst his own AxKx. Varma’s big-slick held up and Nguyen was sent hom in 17th place.

      Amit Varma 645,000
      Andrew Nguyen 0

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      Counts From Table One

      Amit Varma 725,000
      Sungsik Bae 660,000
      Nicholas Wong 490,000
      Bobo Chen 300,000
      Bobby Zhang 250,000
      Sameer Rattonsey 195,000

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      Sameer busts Bobo in 14th place

      It didn’t take long for Bobo Chen to lose his remaining chips. He had about 60,000 left when he moved all in with 9♦T♠ but Sameer Rattonsey had him in bad shape with a dominant Q♥T♣.

      The flop was an interesting Q♦3♦J♥ as Rattonsey hit top pair but Chen now had more outs with an open-ended straight draw. The turn was the 3♣ and the river and equally bricky 5♣ to see Chen fall just short of another APPT final table.

      Sameer Rattonsey 250,000

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      Sameer Climbing up

      We aren’t sure how the war went down on this hand, but it was Sameer Rattonsey in the small blind holding AxAx and Sungsik Bae in the big blind holding 9x8x. At some point Bae got Rattonsey all in for just over 250,000.

      The board ran out K♥Q♠9♦6♣3♣, with Rattonsey’s aces holding up and him climbing up the chip leader board.

      Sameer Rattonsey 500,000 +250,000
      Sungsik Bae 340,000 -320,000

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      Its presently a Team India 1-2 with Amit Varma and Sameer Rattonsey on top with 11 players remaining in the APPT Main Event. We are just 2 eliminations away from Final Table which will be played tomorrow.

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      Sanat kaikini

      Amit Varma just cracked Aces 🙂

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      Zhang’s Aces Cracked by Varma

      Bobby Zhang got exactly what he was looking for. After a pre-flop raise by Amit Varma that was called by Zhang in position, the flop fell 6♠4♥9♣. Varma continued for 37,000 right into the face of an all-in raise by Zhang to 132,000. While Zhang silently waited, Varma, slowly cut chips off his stack, pursed his lips, and debated his action.

      After a minute or two he threw the chips into the pot, saying that he figured he was behind. He was right. His top pair of nines, 9♥T♥, was drawing thin against Zhang’s A♦A♥. But Varma got lucky on the turn, making trips with the 9♠ and crushing Zhang’s hopes of a double-up and a final table berth. A blank 8♥ on the river ended Zhang’s tournament in 11th place. And with that, we are one player off the final table.

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      Counts From Table One

      Amit Varma
      925,000 +200,000
      Sameer Rattonsey 620,000 +120,000
      Nicholas Wong 490,000 0
      Alistair Duff 390,000 -75,000
      Sungsik Bae 310,000 -30,000

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      Chip Counts

      1 Amit Varma 925,000
      2 Sameer Rattonsey 620,000

      3 Michael Kanaan 555,000
      4 Hoang Anh Do 540,000
      5 Alistair Duff 515,000
      6 Nicholas Wong 490,000
      7 Jae Kyung Sim 320,000
      8 Jacky Wang 235,000
      9 Antoine Amourette 190,000
      10 Sungsik Bae 115,000

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      Sanat kaikini

      Two Indians in the final table. Hell yeah.

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      Bye Bae, Welcome Final Table

      While all the commotion was unfolding on one table, there was an all in and call over on the other table with Sungsik Bae finding his tournament life on the line.

      Bae shoved the button for around 140,000 with Alistair Duff making the call in the big blind.

      Bae: Q♦J♣
      Duff: A♥8♣

      Bae would need some help, especially after the flop landed A♠9♠5♦ but he found himself drawing dead once the 7♦ rolled off on the turn. The river was a meaningless K♦ as Bae becomes our final table bubble!

      Cooler Turns Suckout for Wang

      Jacky Wang has been hovering around with the second largest stack in the room for much of the last level or so. He was waiting patiently for his spot and it came when Amourette opened it up to 25,000. Wang was in the big blind holding J♥J♦ and shoved all in for his remaining 193,000. Amourette immediately called and tabled his Q♠Q♦, devestating Wang’s chances in the tournament.

      Flop: 9♥3♦T♠

      “Eight!” came a cry from the rail as Wang had already packed up his iPod and was readying himself to leave.

      Turn: 8♣

      “Jack!” cried Amourette as Wang could now only catch a queen or a seven.

      River: Q♣

      The queen on the river was accompanied by a huge cheer from the rail as Wang almost couldn’t believe he had taken down the hand. With that, Amourette now sits with around 50,000 in chips, while Wang is sitting pretty.

      At this point Wang let out a huge “Wooooo” that could be heard around the room and maybe even out in the lobby.

      Jacky Wang 450,000 +215,000
      Antoine Amourette 50,000 -140,000

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      Final Table Chip Counts

      Here is how they are looking heading into the final table. It is India’s Amit Varma who is the chip leader, yet again followed closely by fellow countryman Sameer Rattonsey.

      Chip Counts
      Amit Varma 1,240,000 +315,000
      Sameer Rattonsey 908,000 +288,000
      Hoang Anh Do 810,000 +55,000
      Alistair Duff 486,000 -29,000
      Jacky Wang 402,000 -48,000
      Michael Kanaan 399,000 -1,000
      Jae Kyung Sim 205,000 -115,000
      Nicholas Wong 142,000 -348,000

    • #32314

    • #32315
      Rajat Agarwal

      )Good going guys. Need a Indian 1-2 now. Good Luck 🙂

    • #32320

      Present Chip Counts:

      1 Amit Varma 1,240,000
      2 Hoang Anh Do 1,020,000
      3 Sameer Rattonsey 908,000
      4 Alistair Duff 486,000
      5 Michael Kanaan 399,000
      6 Jacky Wang 390,000
      7 Jae Kyung Sim 205,000
      8 Nicholas Wong 142,000
      9 Antoine Amourette 72,000

    • #32321

      Antoine Amourette Eliminated in 9th Place (PHP 494,000)

      It took 15 hands for the short-stacked Antoine Amourette to wake up with K♥K♠ and it took the same amount of hands to see him eliminated from this tournament.

      Amourette was down to 38,000 when he shoved all-in. Given his circumstances, he couldn’t have asked for a better spot. It was Sameer Rattonsey who would give Amourette action, raising it up to 100,000 on Amourette’s left and scaring the rest of the players away.

      Amourette had a dreaded ace to worry about as Ratttonseyh turned over A♥K♠ and all his nightmares would come true as a 7♣2♥A♣ flop was spread across the felt. No help came for Amourette on the turn and river and it was out in 9th place with PHP 494,000 to his name.

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      Congratulations Abhishek Goindi for finishing in the money in 7th place in the 6- Handed no limit holdem tournament for PHP 1,95,460!

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      Updated Counts

      Amit Varma 1,150,000 -90,000
      Hoang Anh Do 1,150,000 +50,000
      Sameer Rattonsey 775,000 -133,000
      Michael Kanaan 575,000 +20,000
      Alistair Duff 390,000 -96,000
      Jacky Wang 350,000 -40,000
      Nicholas Wong 275,000 +133,000
      Jae Kyung Sim 105,000 -100,000

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      Jae Kyung Sim Eliminated in 8th Place (PHP 658,00)

      [float-left][/float-left]We have lost another player here at the 2012 APPT Cebu Main Event final table. This time it is Jae Kyung Sim who makes his way to the rail.

      Sim was down to just 54,000 when he shoved all in from the cutoff. The action was then on Alistair Duff in the big blind and he thought quite hard about his decision. He was getting over 2-1 on his call, but his stack wasn’t looking too big at this point and so he thought and thought and thought.

      Eventually Duff would make the call, turning over 7♣5♣. Sim tabled his T♦8♦ and was in good shape to double up. That is, he was in good shape until …

      Flop: T♣J♣9♣

      A very bad flop for Sim and when the 3♦ hit the turn and the Q♣ hit the river, they would be meaningless cards as Sim heads out the door in 8th palce for a PHP 658,000 score.

      Present Chip Counts:

      1 1,150,000
      2 Hoang Anh Do 1,150,000
      4 Michael Kanaan 575,000
      5 Jacky Wang 420,000
      6 Alistair Duff 360,000
      7 Nicholas Wong 275,000

    • #32325

      Jacky Wang opened to 33K from early position, PokerGuru Pro Amit Varma on the button flats and we see a 8♦ 3♦ 7♠ dealt on the flop.
      Wang leads a bet of 37K and Amit Varma quickly makes the call.
      The turn comes 8♣, Wang bets out 39K just to see Amit raise it to 130K and Wang folds.

      Chip Counts

      Amit Varma 1,300,000
      Jacky Wang 315,000

    • #32326

      Chip Counts at the moment

      Amit Varma 1,295,000
      Hoang Anh Do 1,260,000
      Alistair Duff 750,000
      Sameer Rattonsey 660,000
      Michael Kanaan 495,000
      Nicholas Wong 265,000

    • #32328

      Hoang Anh Do opened to 40K to find Sameer Rattonsey in the blind call. Both players checked a king-high flop, T♦ 4♥ K♣.
      On the turn a 2♥ gave Sameer an opportunity to bet 55K.
      The river came 4♦, Sameer bets 85K and Hoang Anh Do calls.
      Do’s 9♦ 9♥ are enough to send Sameer’s card into the muck.

    • #32330

      Come on guys…Get back up!

    • #32331

      Sameer shoves

      Sameer Rattonsey in the small-blind opens to 50K, Alistair Duff in big-blind re-raises it to 110K and Sameer calls.
      The flop is 2♥ 7♠ 4♠ to make Sameer announce that he is allin. Duff folds.


      Alistair Duff 520,000
      Sameer Rattonsey 500,000

    • #32332
      Simon Mint

      Amit’s gonna take this down! I can feel it…Go Amit Varma!

    • #32333

      The day till now!

      Jae Kyung Sim has been eliminated from the tournament in 8th place. He had been cut down to just over 50,000 chips before he decided to make a stand, going all-in from the cut-off. Alistair Duff thought for a long time before calling from the big blind. Sim was holding T♦ 8♦ against 7♣ 5♣. The three clubs on the flop meant an end to Jae Kyung Sim’s tournament. He will collect PHP 658,500 for his four days work.

      The next to head to the rail was Jacky Wang. After losing two big pots to the chip leader Amit Varma. Alistair Duff eliminated Jacky Wang. Duff raised and Wang, in the big blind pushed all his 300,000 chips in the middle. Duff took no time to call and flipped A♠ J♦ and Wang showed K♦ J♠. The board could not help Wang and he will collect PHP 823,000 in prize money. Duff moves to 750,000.

    • #32334

      Go Guys….

    • #32335
      Rajat Agarwal

      Come on Dezi Boyz

    • #32336

      Sameer’s Rumble

      At the first hand, Sameer Rattonsey opened to 47K, Nicholas Wong 3 bets it to 136K, Sameer tanked for a minute or two before announcing allin. Wong called for 256K.
      Wong’s A♦ T♠ was up against Sameer’s 9♠ 9♦.
      The board threw a ten to double up Wong.

      Amit Varma in small-blind moved allin with K♦ 9♣ and Sameer in the big blind calls holding A♣ Q♦.
      The board went J♦ Q♣ 8♦ 6♣ J♥ to double up Sameer.

    • #32337

      Amit loses a few more

      Amit Varma opened to 43K, Nicholas Wong calls from big-blind to see a flop of 7♣ 3♣ 3♠.
      Wong bets 80K and Varma calls to see 7♦ on the turn.
      Wong announced himself allin and Amit folds.

    • #32338

      Stack sizes

      Place Name Chips
      1 Hoang Anh Do 1,250,000
      2 Amit Varma 1,150,000
      3 Nicholas Wong 720,000
      4 Michael Kanaan 610,000
      5 Alistair Duff 520,000
      6 Sameer Rattonsey 500,000

    • #32339

      Folded to Amit Varma in the big blind, he looked towards fellow countrymen Sameer Rattonsey in the big blind and announced he was all in. Rattonsey kind of gave a shrug and made the call.
      Rattonsey: AQ
      Varma: K9
      Rattonsey was looking good to double-up his short stack and when the board ran out j q 8 6 j , it was good times for Rattonsey as he is now much healthier than earlier. Don’t worry about Varma though, it was only a small dent to his giant stack.

    • #32340
      Simon Mint

      Atta boy Amit! Take one for the team lolzzz

    • #32341
      Rajat Agarwal

      Hehe yeah

    • #32342

      Varma gets more

      On a flop of A♦ 5♠ T♠, Michael Kanaan in the small blind checks, Amit Varma in big blind bets 80k, Michael calls.
      The turn gave K♣, Michael checks , Amit bets 115K, Kanaan folds.
      Amit collects the pot.

    • #32343
      Simon Mint

      Well played Sameer!

    • #32344
      Sanat kaikini

      Sameer is out in 6th place . Come on Amit.

    • #32345

      Sameer is knocked out

      Nicholas Hong in UTG opened to 55,000; Amit Varma on the button flats and Sameer Rattonsey came along for the ride in the small blind to see a flop J♣ 9♦ 2♦ dealt.
      The play was checked to Varma and he threw out 125,000. Rattonsey then thought desperately for more than a minute before shoving all in. Wong got out of the way and Varma snap called as he would put Rattonsey in danger.

      Sameer J♥ T♠
      Amit Q♦ T♦

      The turn card was 8♥, that completes Amit draw and the river is 9♣.

      Sameer Rattonsey


      Sameer places 6th and collects PHP 1,043,000.

    • #32346
      Rajat Agarwal

      GG Sameer.

    • #32347

      Chip counts at present

      1 Amit Varma 1,400,000
      2 Nicholas Wong 1,050,000
      3 Michael Kanaan 900,000
      4 Hoang Anh Do 675,000
      5 Alistair Duff 650,000

    • #32348
      Rajat Agarwal

      This doesnt look right…

    • #32349

      We’ve just seen the biggest pot of the tournament so far with Michael Kanaan winning an enormous coinflip to take a huge lead on this final table with Amit Varma now back on the short stack.
      It started with a limp from Hoang Anh Do on the button. Kanaan completed in the small blind before Varma upped the price another 40,000 in the big blind. Do called and action was back on Kanaan. Out of nowhere, Kanaan declared himself all in! It was a total of 843,000 more and after a minute of thought Varma announced a call! Do quickly escaped and we had two million chips in the middle with the following hands:
      Varma: Jc JS
      Kanaan: Ah Qs
      It was a game-changing flip which went the way of the Aussie as the board ran out 9h 4s Ac Qd 4h. We have a new chip leader in town!

    • #32350

      The Indian contingent has been cut in half as Sameer Rattonsey exits the tournament.

      Sameer was having a very hard day, steadily losing chips. It was his compatriot Amit Varma who dealt the final blow.

      Rattonsey was in good shape at the flop, holding Jh 10s and the board showing Jc 9d 2d against Amit’s Qd 10D. The turn would change all this with an 8h making Amit’s straight and relegating Sameer to the rail.

      Sameer takes home *PHP 1,317,000.

      There has also been movement at the top of the chips with Michael Kanaan moving to 2,000,000 chips after a big hand with Amit Varma. Kanaan’s Ah Qs was able to out flop Varma’s Jc Js when an ace fell on the flop and to add insult to injury a queen hit on the turn.

    • #32351

      1 Michael Kanaan 2,000,000
      2 Nicholas Wong 1,050,000
      3 Hoang Anh Do 675,000
      4 Alistair Duff 650,000
      5 Amit Varma 500,000

    • #32353
      Simon Mint

      Not that he can’t come back, but shouldn’t Amit have waited it out until it was a 3-way shootout and then made his move?
      Except for that last hand, I think Amit bled some chips with a couple of not so great hands.
      If it was me I’d have played only the premium hands. How would you guys have played in this situation?

    • #32354

      The five remaining players have been sent on a 10-minute break here on the final table of the 2012 APPT Cebu Main Event.

    • #32355

      Playing tight so short handed will not help him win it , maybe assure a 3th-4th place imo. I think in his position if he is confident, he should play for the win and not to move a few steps up risk free but lose the chance to win.

    • #32358
      Sanat kaikini

      Amit is out ;(

    • #32360
      Simon Mint

      I completely agree with the confidence part but I just felt he got maybe a bit carried away and put himself in a lot of coin flip situations.
      The money jump from 5th to 2nd place is huge. I’m not saying to shut shop completely but maybe tighten the range a bit more?

    • #32361
      Simon Mint

      Tough luck Amit! But a very good run. Well played.

    • #32362

      Amit Varma Eliminated in 5th Place (PHP 1,317,000)

      The last hand of the last Indian standing in today’s final table began when Nicholas Wong opened it up to 65,000 from under the gun. The action then flew around to Amit Varma in the small blind and he shoved all in for slightly less than 500,000. Wong instantly made the call and the two players turned their hands over.
      Varma: A♠ 10♠
      Wong: K♠ K♣
      Varma was going to need some help to survive and it would be help that never came as a 2♦ J♦ 4♥ 8♣ 10♦ board was spread across the felt. For his 5th place finish, Varma joins Sameer Rattonsey on the rail and goes home with PHP 1,317,000

    • #32363

      5th Place – Amit Varma

      We have just lost another player and it is none other than the chip leader going into today, Amit Varma.

      India has lost both their representatives in quick succession.

      It was Nick Wong of Hong Kong who took down Amit. Hold kings against Amit’s ace king Wong needed to avoid an ace and he did so and moved up to around 1,400,000 chips.

      Amit leaves after a great few days play, he will take with him PHP 1,317,000.

    • #32367

      Michael Kanaan Eliminated in 4th Place (PHP 1,592,000)

      Michael Kanaan: 4th place finisher


      Michael Kanaan’s hopes of becoming just the third person ever to win both an ANZPT title and an APPT title has just come to an end.

      It started when Nicholas Wong opened it up to 65,000 from under the gun. Michael Kanaan was in the small blind and jammed all in for a touch over 500,000. Wong got out of his chair and studied the whole table. He wanted to know how much his two other competitors had before making his decision. Eventually he got all the information he needed and would make the call.

      Wong: A♦Q♣
      Kanaan: T♦T♣

      The 8♦9♣3♠ flop was a safe one for Kanaan, but the A♠ on the turn was deadly. The Q♥ on the river completed the board and poured salt in Kanaan’s wound as he goes home in 4th place.

    • #32368

      Three Handed Counts

      Here is how the three remaining players stack up. Nicholas Wong is out in front, while Alistair Duff and Hoang Anh Do are hovering on the same size stack.

      Nicholas Wong 2,350,000 +50,000
      Hoang Anh Do 1,150,000 +270,000
      Alistair Duff 1,150,000 -250,000

    • #32370

      Updated Chip Counts

      Alistair Duff 1,950,000
      Hoang Anh Do 1,500,000
      Nicholas Wong 1,300,000

    • #32371

      Count update!

      Level 26 of the tournament is in play.
      Current blinds are 25K/50K and antes are 5K.

      The chip counts of the remaining players are:

      Nicholas Wong 2,000,000
      Alistair Duff 1,500,000
      Hoang Anh Do 1,250,000

    • #32373

      Alistair Duff has been eliminated in 3rd place and is PHP 2,086,000 better off

      Three-handed play really seemed like it would never end. All three remaining players had almost been down and out at some point. None more than Alistair Duff though and therefore it is somewhat apt he would be the one heading home in 3rd place.

      On the last hand of his tournament, Nicholas Wong opened the button to 140,000 and Duff moved all in for a bit over 400,000 in the big blind. Wong made the call and the two players turned their hands over.
      Duff: Q♠ 7♠
      Wong: A♦ 7♦
      The rail seemed to cheer for Duff as they had now become accustomed to him taking down all these clutch hands. However, not this time as a 2♠ K♦ 9♣ J♠ A♥ board was dealt out, sending Duff home in 3rd place for a PHP 2,086,000 score.

      Alistair Duff: 3rd place finisher

      And with that, heads-up play has arrived.

      Chip Counts:

      Hoang Anh Do 3,400,000
      Nicholas Wong 1,275,000

    • #32377
      Simon Mint

      Nicholas Wong Eliminated in 2nd Place (PHP 3,732,000), Hoang Anh Do Wins!

      Nicholas Wong

      The final hand of the night has just been played out in dramatic fashion as a 2012 APPT Cebu champion has now been crowned.

      It started with Nicholas Wong limping the button. Hoang Anh Do then made it 120,000 from the big blind. Back on Wong and he would now pop it to 220,000. Do made the call and the two would take to a flop.

      Flop: 5♦ 8♦ 5♠

      On the flop, Do checked and Wong threw out 220,000. A call from Do and a 4♠ would hit the turn. This card would see both players check and the A♥ would be flicked onto the felt, completing the board on the river.

      Do would again check and it would be on Wong. It didn’t take long for Wong to announce he was all in. It was a touch over 1,000,000 in chips to Do, with the Vietnamese player having Wong well covered.

      Do tanked for around two minutes before deciding to make the call. When he announced the call, Wong turned over A♦ T♥ and got to his feet. At this point Do shouted out in enthusiasm as he turned over A♠ 8♠ for a better two-pair then his opponent.

      And with that, Wong goes home in a bittersweet 2nd place, while Do becomes our champion!

    • #25142

      Hoang Anh Do has just been crowned the APPT Cebu 2012 Champion. He played for four days and outlasted 245 players to claim the title.

      Hoang Anh Do is the first Vietnamese player that has won the title of APPT Champion and he will take home PHP 5,927,000. Hoang Anh Do is a 27 year old banker who came to Cebu to holiday on the beaches but thought he would also like to give the APPT a try, having only taken up poker six months ago. He has certainly started in style.

      In comparison to the long back and forth drama when play was three handed the heads up battle was a relatively short affair. The end came with a pre-flop raise from Do being called by Nick Wong. 5♦ 8♦ 5♠ was dealt on the flop; Wong threw a bet of 220K which was snap called by Do. Both players checked the turn card. The A♥ came on the fifth street, Do checked and Wong announced all-in. After a prolonged consideration Do called and showed A♠ 8♠ for two pairs and thrashing Wong’s A♦10♥.

      Hoang Anh Do: APPT Cebu 2012 Champion


      There were two side events which took place today. The PHP 25,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em Deepstack is still in progress at the moment. There were 94 participants framing a prize pool of PHP 2,051,550. The other event has been completed; The PHP 250,000 buy-in High Roller saw 14 take part for a prize pool of PHP 3,191,900. Due to a deal done there were four places paid.

      1st Alan Engel – Canada – PHP 1,200,000
      2nd Marcus Lau – Malaysia – PHP 1,200,000
      3rd Mike Marvanek – Australia – PHP 600,000
      4th David Steicke – Hong Kong – PHP 191,300

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