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      After the Asian Poker Tour’s successful and first-ever event outside Asia – the APT Asian Series Mauritius, the APT returns to the Philippines for the APT Asian Series Manila 2012. It will be held at Resorts World Manila from September 19th to 25th.

      Last yearÂ’s Main Event had a record 396 entries and was won by local poker pro Vic De Guzman who took home PHP 5,359,000 together with the title.

      This yearÂ’s schedule, in addition to the PHP 50,000 Main Event, includes popular APT tournaments like the High Rollers, Charity, Head Hunter, Ladies of Poker, Freezeouts, Deep Stack Turbos, Pot Limit Omaha and 6 Handed. A new addition to the line up is the 10-6-4 tournament. Basically, it is a freezeout tournament wherein tables will be 10, 6 and 4 handed depending on the number of tables left in play. Check out the complete schdeule

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      A total of 73 participants in Event 1: 10-6-4 Handed with a buy-in of Php 11,000 (INR 14,300 approx). India is being represented today by Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan, Abhishek Goindi, Rajeev Kanjani and MPCC Event 6 winner Sameer Rattonsey.

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      Sameer Rattonsey finishes in 2nd place in Event 1 of APT Manila and score Php 125,000 for his efforts.

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      Event #2: Headhunter buy-in of Php 8,800 (INR 11,500)

      Samohh currently has 40,000 chips, Kanjani has 24,000 and Goindi is on the short stack.

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      Abhishek Goindi with AQ gets some respite by knocking out a player who had AK. Unfortunately for India though, the player who received the bad beat was Rajeev Kanjani.

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      Sangeeth Mohan is very much in the hunt however and is in fact the current chipleader with 4 players left.

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      Down to 3 and Samohh is still in the chiplead.

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      Arpit Jain

      Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan defeats his opponent in heads up and wins event 2 (Php 8,800) Head hunter for a payday of Php 194,000.
      Congratulations samoh!!

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      congrats samoh

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      congrats Samoh

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      Sameer Rattonsey has been eliminated from the Highroller event. Sangeeth Mohan, Rajeev Kanjani and Abhishek Goindi are still in.

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      Here are the chipcounts of the remaining Indian players in the fray leading the way with Rajeev Kanjani on 37,000 followed by Sangeeth Mohan on 30,000 and Abhishek Goindi is the shortstack with about 16,000.

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      Rajeev Kanjani has busted out Samoh and Goindi still in.

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      Arpit Jain

      The opening day of the APT Asian Series Manila 2012 yesterday got off to a great start as record numbers of players were on hand for the debut of the 10-6-4 tournament together with the Add On for Charity and Main Event Satellites.

      ”It’s nice to be back in familiar territory working with our long term partners Resorts World and regulator PAGCOR,” said APT CEO Jeff Mann.

      Team India delivered yet another stellar performance with Sameer Rattonsey finishing 2nd in the PHP 11,000 event 1. Team Pro Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan followed it up by clinching his 1st international title in event 2 – PHP 8,800 Head Hunter Tournament.

      Side Event Results:

      Event 1 – PHP 11,000 10-6-4 Handed

      1 Brian Sombero Philippines PHP 196,100
      2 Sameer Rattonsey India PHP 121,100
      3 William McAuley Canada PHP 88,500
      4 Damon Schulenberger Philippines PHP 68,700
      5 Leo Whitt USA PHP 59,500
      6 Tan Gay Peng Singapore PHP 51,700
      7 Liam Anderson Thailand PHP 45,300
      8 Charalampos Lappas Greece PHP 40,400
      9 Peter Kleudgen Germany PHP 36,80

      PHP 5,000 Add-on for Charity Event Results

      1 Aaron Jacobs USA PHP 53,600
      2 Ben Abrahams Thailand PHP 33,800
      3 Maxwell Brock Canada PHP 21,300
      4 Francisco Calanoc Philippines PHP 16,300

      Event 2 – PHP 8,800 Head Hunter Results
      1 Sangeeth Mohan India PHP 191,900
      2 Kristian Faering Denmark PHP 112,300
      3 Luis Bernardo Philippines PHP 77,700
      4 Jason Lau Wai Kit Malaysia PHP 56,700
      5 Kimmo Olavi Puusa Finland PHP 47,000
      6 Stuart Brodie South Africa PHP 38,700
      7 Abhishek Goindi India PHP 31,900
      8 Igor Saltanas Russia PHP 26,700
      9 William Lam USA PHP 22,900
      10 Robert Bronson USA PHP 19,500
      11 Soheil Ighani USA PHP 18,400
      12 Michael De Leon Philippines PHP 18,400
      13 Ernie Batalla Philippines PHP 15,800
      14 Nam Nguyen Vietnam PHP 15,800
      15 Czardy Eardale Rivera Philippines PHP 15,800
      16 Martin Elliott UK PHP 13,900
      17 Sang Park USA PHP 13,900
      18 Choi Byung Kyoo Korea PHP 13,900

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      22 players still playing in the Highrollers including Sangeeth Mohan and Abhishek Goindi.

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      Down to the final 2 tables and Mohan has a better-than-average stack but Goindi is nursing a lesser number of chips

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      Arpit Jain

      Manila, September 21, 2012 – With his impressive 7th place finish in the 10-6-4 Handed event of this week at the APT Asian Series Manila 2012, Liam Anderson once again assumes the top spot at the head of the prestigious APT Player of the Year 2012 leader board putting Sam Razavi in 2nd place but only by less than ten player points.

      “”, said Razavi.
      All five players at the top of the POY table are in Manila this week and all have the opportunity to assume the No. 1 spot in this very tightly contested race. But there is a 6th player now in contention, previous APT Asian Series Champion Sangeeth Mohan of India, who is presently situated in 15th place on the APT POY table took down the Head Hunter yesterday which had a record entry of 120 players and a prize pool over PHP 750K. This could give Sangeeth sufficient points to catapult him into to the top 5 and within striking distance of the top spot should he hit form this week.

      Yesterday at the APT Asian Series Manila 2012:

      The APT Asian Series Manila 2012 will be held from September 19th to the 25th at Level 2 Gaming Area of Resorts World Manila.

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      Congratulations ABHISHEK GOINDI on winning the APT High Rollers event.

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      Congrats Goindi

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      Arpit Jain

      Manila, September 22, 2012 – When Abhishek Goindi arrived at APT Asian Series Manila two days ago his thoughts were just on having an enjoyable week of poker tournament action. With three APT cashes to his name this year and resting 55th in the APT Player of the Year 2012 standings, his goal was merely to increase his player points as best he could. That all changed last night with Abhishek winning the PokerAce High Rollers Event out of a starting field of 49 of the top players in the Region. Total prize pool hit PHP 4,753,000 and Abhishek went off to celebrate with PHP 1,604,000 in his pocket. More importantly he was awarded 360 APT player points now taking his total to 549.70 – giving him a huge jump to 6th on the player leader board. While Daniel Francis (New Zealand) and Dave Housair (Canada) came in second and third respectively.

      What is more he is just a few points behind good friend Sangeeth Mohan who also made a huge leap on the leader board by winning ThurdayÂ’s Head hunter Event. Sangeeth now has 594 points and 5th position on the leader board.
      The race for the top spot became even more intense when Eric Chen arrived from Singapore and told APT staff he was actually listed twice on the leader board in 10th and 99th places. When this was checked and verified and EricÂ’s achievements and points were totaled, it gave him 668.20 and 4th position on the leader board.

      The APT POY Top Contenders:
      Liam Anderson – 839.60
      Sam Razavi – 833.20
      Martin Nilsson – 760. 20
      Eric Wei Shyong Chen – 668.20
      Sangeeth Mohan – 594
      Abhishek Goindi – 549.70
      Carlos Chang – 540

      The APT Asian Series Manila 2012 is being held at Level 2 Gaming Area of Resorts World Manila from September 19th to the 25th.

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      Arpit Jain

      Manila, September 23, 2012 – A total of 167 players entered yesterday’s day 1A at APT Asian Series Manila, and after ten levels of play 61 remain to advance to day 2 of the event on Monday. Day 1B commences today at 1PM where an even larger player entry is expected.

      Happening side by side with the Main Event yesterday was the DafaPoker Freezeout Event where ChinaÂ’s Guowei Li reigned champion.

      The APT Asian Series Manila 2012 is being held at Level 2 Gaming Area of Resorts World Manila from September 19th to the 25th.

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      Chipcounts of some of the players – Rajeev Kanjani leads with 35000, followed by Abhishek Goindi (25000), Sameer Rattonsey (15000), Sangeeth Mohan (14000), Jasven Saigal (12000) and Rajesh Goyal (7000).

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      Jasven Saigal has busted from the Main Event. His co-Director at Aces Unlimited, Rajeev Kanjani is doing quite well though with a stack of 57000 chips.

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      Sameer Rattonsey has also been eliminated.

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      And as Day 1b draws to a close, its been a good outing for a couple of the Indians still remaining in this Main Event. At 5th position for the day is Sangeeth Mohan,well stacked at 73000 as is Rajeev Kanjani at 66000 holding on to 8th position. In the middle of the pack at 24th position lies Rajesh Goyal with 40500. They will be looking to not only survive Day 2 tomorrow but also make a deep run into the final 36 and therefore the money. But the big stack of the day belongs to Guam’s Joshua Chargualf who holds a monstrous 148900, by far holding the heaviest stack across both starting days and certainly well ahead of Day 1a chipleader Raul Fernandez (118000). South Africa’s Stuart Brodie (98200) and local player Jessie Leonarez (87500) complete the top 3 for this day.

      Source: PNI

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      Poker Guru

      Team Pro Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan is still alive in the APT Main Event with 70 players remaining from a starting field of 316.

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      Poker Guru

      Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan has just busted from the APT Main Event. According to his FB status

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      Arpit Jain

      Rajeev Kanjani and Raul Fernandez have made the money in the Main Event which now has 21 players remaining. Play is expected to continued till the 8-handed final table is set. In side event news, Abhishek Goindi finishes in 8th position in the Pot Limit Omaha event.

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      Arpit Jain

      Raul Fernandez exits in 21st place and takes home a payday of Php 128,000 (INR 1,63,000). Rajeev Kanjani is now the lone Indian hope in this field although with just about 40000 (4xbb) behind him, this will be an uphill task. 13 more knockouts till we reach the final table.

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      Arpit Jain

      13 players remain including Rajeev Kanjani and he needs to outlast another bustouts to make it to the final table.
      Good Luck Rajeev!

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      Arpit Jain

      Just 3 short of the final table sees Rajeev Kanjani bust out in 11th place. He had been riding his short stack pretty successfully for the last 4 blind levels never really getting above the 10xbb mark but getting into the higher payout brackets as other short stacks fell around him.
      Finally Kanjani woke up with and committed his paltry stack into the middle and found he was ahead of chipleader Thomas Ward’s . But the poker gods do not oblige the Mumbai player when the board runs giving Kings up to Ward and knocking out Rajeev Kanjani who will receive Php 242,000 (INR 3,10,000) for his efforts.

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      Arpit Jain

      Manila, September 25, 2012 – From the 116 players that made it to Day 2 of the APT Asian Series Manila 2012 Main Event, we now have our Final Eight playersÂ…

      APT Asian Series Manila 2012 Final 8

      1. Victor Chong (Malaysia) – 1,283,000 in chips

      2. Jav Medina (Philippines) – 702,000 in chips

      3. Jeon Seung So (South Korea) – 629,000 in chips

      4. Hisashi Ogi (Japan) – 558,000 in chips

      5. Jojo Tech (Philippines) – 518,000 in chips

      6. Tetsuya Tsuchikawa (Japan) – 508,000 in chips

      7. Jessie Leonarez (Philippines) – 300,300 in chips

      8. Thomas Ward (New Zealand) – 240,000 in chips

      Awarding Ceremony for the MSW Deep Stack Turbo Champion Christopher Michael Soyza

      Pot Limit Omaha Champion: Darshan Sami

      Deep Stack Turbo 2 Champion: Luca Borello

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      Arpit Jain

      Jay Medina has claimed the APT Asian Series main event title after outlasted a field of 316 players to claim the top prize of PHP 3,521,000 (INR 45,00,0000 approx). Jay joined the final eight players on the final table with the second biggest stack but his well-timed aggression got him heads-up against Japan`s Tetsuya Tsuchikawa with Jay enjoying a 2:1 chip lead over his opponent.

      The final hand of the main event saw both players in action on the flop of before all the money finally went in the middle. Medina was well ahead with making two pair against Tsuchikawa`s . A on the turn and on the river finally gave Jay the main event title.

      Rajeev Kanjani from Mumbai finished a noteworthy 11th in the APT main event cashing PHP 242,000. With three titles and several deep finishes, the trip has truly been very successful for the Indian contingent.

      APT Asian Series Manila Main Event Final Table Results:

      Champion Jose Javier Medina Philippines PHP 3,521,000
      2 Tetsuya Tsuchikawa Japan PHP 2,010,000
      3 Jeon Seung Soo Korea PHP 1,354,000
      4 Hishashi Ogi Japan PHP 955,000
      5 Victor Chong Malaysia PHP 770,000
      6 John Tach Philippines PHP 613,000
      7 Jessie Leonarez Philippines PHP 485,000
      8 Thomas Ward Macau PHP 385,000

      Read Sangeeth`s blogs from APT Manila on: https://pokerguru.in/forum/blog.php

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