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      The Asian Poker Tour Philippines will be held from the 19th to the 25th of April 2012 at Resorts World ManilaÂ’s Genting Club, Pasay City, Philippines with a Main Event buy in of US$ 2,700

      Asian Poker Tour Philippines 2012 Event Schedule

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      Poker Guru

      The Asian Poker Tour has announced a new ‘Manila Millions’ super high roller poker tournament to be held during APT Philippines at Resorts World Manila on Friday April 20, 2012. Presented jointly by APT and Resorts World Manila, the Manila Millions will be the highest buy-in tournament ever in Asia ,featuring an HKD $1 million (USD $129,000) buy-in.
      They have announced in an exclusive press release on Poker Portal Asia that big names like Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan have already confirmed their attendance with many more big names to be announced soon!

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      According to PokerPortalAsia.com, Asia’s biggest ever Super High Roller tournament will be held during APT Philippines at Resorts World Manila on Friday April 20, 2012.

      The buy-in for the event will be HKD $1 million (USD $129,000), which will make it the largest buy-in tournament ever witnessed in Asia.

      Early expectations are, that there will be around 25-30 players, and Phil Ivey and Tom “durrrr” Dwan have already confirmed that they will be playing the tournament.

      APT Philippines runs from April 19-25, 2012 and will be headlined by the USD $2.700 buy-in Main Event.

      There will be also another Super High Roller tournament in April, since The EPT Grand Final will kick off on April 23 with a historic €100.000 buy-in Super High Roller tournament.

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Earthquake rated 8.7 in Indonesia with a Tsunami alert issued to 28 nations. Any travel advisory issued for Philippines?

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      The Manila Millions Event will be streamed online with a 15 min delay on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/manilamillions

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      According to PokerPortalAsia.com, the Manila Millions HKD $1 million (USD $128,000) buy-in Super High Roller event, which kicks off today, will be shown with a 15-minute delay on Ustream (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/manilamillions).

      The Manila Millions is being held during APT Philippines 2012 and the stream will be another way for fans to catch all the action without actually being at Resorts World ManilaÂ’s Genting Club where the tournament is being held.

      The buy-in of HKD $1 million (USD $129,000), will make the tournament the largest buy-in tournament ever witnessed in Asia.

      So far, a total of 26 players have confirmed their participation, including Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Joe Hachem, John Juanda, Johnny Chan, Elton Tsang, Devan Tang, Anson Tsang, Winfred Yu, Tom Hall and Chris Parker.

      In related news, a total of 32 players have now registered for the first ever six-figure buy-in poker tournament on European soil. The €100.000 buy-in tournament is part of the EPT Grand Final tournament schedule, which will be played in Monaco this year (starts April 23.).

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      can u give exact timings IST ?

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      Rajat Agarwal

      The event is over. Allan Le was the winner:

      1st Allan Le – HKD $13,080,000
      2nd Devan Tang – HKD $8,175,000
      3rd Sun Sheng – HKD $4,905,000
      4th Richard Yong – HKD $3,597,000
      5th Keith Kipson – HKD $2,943,000

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      Simon Mint

      This event should have been a winner take all….that would have created news.

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      Padron wins APT Philippines 2012 heads up event;Xiuming Huang ships the charity event

      Philip Padron become the first player to win two consecutive APT titles after claiming the USD $500 APT Philippines Asian Heads Up Championship at Resorts World ManilaÂ’s Genting club on 19th April,2012 and collected USD $11,620 in prize money -making achievement. Philip Padron now holds a record for winning back-to-Bback APT Philippines titles as he won the same event in 2011.

      Philip Padron

      The tournament saw a field of 60 players to frame a USD $29,100 prize pool. Top 8 places were paid. Nam Le, McLean Karr, Allan Le, Jojo Allado, Daniel Chua, Czardy Rivera, Winfred Yu, SJ Kim, Sparrow Cheung, Julian Hasse, Justin Chan, Kai Paulsen and BodogÂ’s Jay Tan were the notable players in the tournament.

      Padron went on to eliminate Daniel Francis, 2012 Aussie Millions Main Event runner-up Ken Wong, JapanÂ’s Sekiya Yosuke, Lester Edoc and Michael Marvanek before facing Ira Blumenthal in the final best of three match. Padron lost the first out of thethree but recovered by captivating the second.

      Then in the third and final round firstly he gained chip advantage against his opponent and then finally in the last hand of the tournament both the players committed their entire stack into the middle preflop. PadronÂ’s A♠ J♥ racing against BlumenthalÂ’s T♦ T♠. The cards went in favour of Padron as they flipped 5♦ J♣ 7♠ 7♥ Q♣ giving him two pairs and his second APT heads- up title.

      The addon charity event was taken down by Xiuming Huang.

      Xiuming Huang

      For more details on APT Philippines 2012 and the full event schedule, click here.

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      Allan Le wins the Manila Millions Event

      The Manila Millions at APT Philippines 2012 kicked off with 31 players and featured some of pokerÂ’s elite including Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Tom Dwan, Johnny Chan and APT Ambassadors Joe Hachem, JC Tran and Nam Le. Winfred Yu, Tommy Le and Elton Tsang were also fired up for the event but none of these big names would make the money. Deepest to finish was Winfred Yu who made the final table only to bow out in 7th place. US-based Allan Le took down this event i.e., the HKD $1 million (USD $128,000) buy-in Manila Millions at APT Philippines 2012. Le won HKD $13,080,000 (USD $1.685 million) in prize money in Resorts World ManilaÂ’s Genting Club after beating ChinaÂ’s Devan Tang at heads up.

      Allan Le

      At heads up, Le held just a slight advantage over Tang but the lead chopped and change a number of times before Le rose to victory. In the final hand, he held Q♣ Q♥ and called TangÂ’s shove with K♦ 7♠. The board came out 4♣ A♦ 8♦ 4♠ A♥ to give Le the title and send Tang home in second place.

      The final Manila Millions payouts were:

      1st Allan Le – HKD $13,080,000
      2nd Devan Tang – HKD $8,175,000
      3rd Sun Sheng – HKD $4,905,000
      4th Richard Yong – HKD $3,597,000
      5th Keith Kipson – HKD $2,943,000

      The High Rollers event was taken down by Alan Engel and the Mix Game event was won by Scott Calcagno.

      Alan Engel

      Scott Calcagno

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      Team Pro Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan and Bobbe Suri have made it to Day 2 of APT Main Event (Manila). 59 players remain from a starting field of 120. Day 2 of the Main Event will be played tomorrow.

      Chip counts:
      Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan: 32,200 (In 21st Place)
      Bobbe Suri: 21,675 (In 36th Place)

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      Speidel Leads APT Philippines Day 1A

      April 21, 2012 – Fresh from a final table appearance at the ANZPT Sydney and hot on the heels his 2012 Aussie Millions victory, Oliver Speidel continues his run of form at the APT Philippines. Speidel dominated much of the Day 1A action to conclude play with a stack of 94,325, which puts him in pole position here in Manila.

      Oliver Speidel: APT Philippines Day 1A Chip Leader

      A late surge saw Speidel river two pair to eliminate the unfortunate Benjie Lim as play drew to a close, edging the Australian just in front of South Africa’s Conrad Coetzer who finished the day in second place with an impressive 92,750 in chips.

      Other notable players to finish the day include back-to-back APT Heads-up champion Philip Padon (62,150), US pro Mclean Karr (54,150), Norway’s Kai Paulsen (46,350), 2012 Aussie Millions final tablist Ken Wong (39,175) and APT Asian Series Goa Main Event champion Sangeeth Mohan (32,200).

      APT ambassador Joe Hachem was one of the big names to fall by the wayside during the day’s play, as was 2009 APT Philippines champion Neil Arce, 2009 APT Macau High Roller champion David Steicke and the Nam Le. However, Le’s two brothers Tommy and Allan will be returning on Day 2 with Allan looking to add to his impressive HKD $13,080,000 (USD $1.7 million) in the Super High Roller Manila Millions Event.

      APT Philippines 2012 Main Event Day 1A

      From the 120 players in Day 1A, 59 of those have made it through. Day 1B of the USD $2,700 APT Philippines Main Event starts on Sunday, 22 April at 1PM local time.

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      At the end of Day 1B 74 players of the 138 players remain.Team India Pros – Abhishek Goindi and Sameer Rattonsey have made it to Day 2 of the APT Manila Main Event and will join Bobbe Suri and Sangeeth Mohan tomorrow.

      Chip counts:
      Abhishek Goindi: 27,175
      Sameer Rattonsey: 18,825

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      Alan Engel takes the lead after Day 1B

      US based Alan ‘Ari’ Engel has climbed to the top of APT Philippines Day 1B and, after bagging up 98,900 in chips, will hold pole position at the start of Day 2. Engel’s effort at the felt today has seen him edge past Day 1A’s chip leader of Australia’s Oliver Speidel.

      Alan Engel chip leader at the end of Day1B

      Engel has been in good form at this APT, having already taken down the USD $5000 buy-in High Rollers title on Friday to pocket USD $38,750 in winnings.

      With 134 players registering for Day 1B, it brings the total number of players in the USD $2700 buy-in APT Philippines Main Event to 254. This has created a USD $615,950 total prize pool with first place set to receive a hefty USD $197,000 payday.

      A number of players returned for a second bite of the cherry after busting from Day 1A. These included APT Ambassadors Joe Hachem, Nam Le and JC Tran, as well as David Steicke, Linh Tran, Craig Cockburn, Alvin Cheam, Lester Edoc, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, Abhishek Goindi, Hoi Ting Lee and Richard Marquez.

      APT Philippines 2012 Main Event Day 1B

      While Hachem, JC Tran and Cheam were unsuccessful in their bid to make Day 2, the others all successfully moved to Day2. A total of 78 players survived the day’s play and will be joining the remaining 59 players who made it through Day 1A meaning that 137 players in total will be returning for Day 2 today.

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      APT Main Event Day 2 Update: Abhishek Goindi hits the rails

      Abhishek Goindi has just been eliminated from the APT MAin Event when his pocket Ten`s were outdrawn by a players AcQc when an Ace opened on the board.

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      Sangeeth Mohan Eliminates Charles Lam

      Charles Lam who was sitting on around 38,000 at the start of the hand opts to raise to 2,500 with the speculative Tc8c from the highjack finding callers in the form of Roman Grigoryev on the button and Sangeeth Mohan in the big blind.
      Mohan checks the AcKs8d flop and with 9,800 in the middle just asking to be taken down Lam fires out a bet of 6,500 with his bottom pair. While Grigoryev steps out of the way Mohan looks like he has a piece of the flop and makes the call and we go heads-up to the Ts turn.
      This is the gin card for Lam, giving him two pair and he moves all-in for his remaining 29,000 chips after Mohan checks. Mohan has Lam covered with a good 19,000 in chips to spare but does not look happy about this turn of events, though after thinking things over he eventually decides his As5s is good enough to make the call. The 5h river is a cruel one for Lam, giving Mohan Aces up to award him the sizable pot and move him up to 98,000 in chips and send a disappointed Lam crashing out of the tournament.

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      Poker Guru

      APT Main Event Day 2 Update: Sangeeth Mohan survives Day 2

      Only 42 players managed to make it onto Day 3 at the APT Manila Main Event and Team Pro – Sangeeth Mohan was the lone member from Team India who will be making his way to the felt tomorrow at the Mains. He is presently in 33rd position with a stack of 41,700 way behind the current chip leader Oliver Speidel who has a monstrous stack of 378K chips.

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      Gl samohhh

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Go Samoh One time 🙂

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      Speidel ends Day2 as the chiplead

      Aussie Millions 2012 champion, Oliver Speidel is the current chip leader with 378,000 chips at the end of Day2 of the USD $2700 Main Event. The day saw a field of 137 players join the tables at Resorts World ManilaÂ’s Genting Club and 42 of those survived to make it to Day 3. Top 27 places are paid from this event.

      After a shaky start Speidel was all-in and fighting for his tournament life against the flopped straight of
      US pro Tommy Le, but hit running diamonds to make his backdoor flush and surge back into contention.
      The Australian tournament specialist then powered into the chip lead in the second to last hand of the
      day after finding himself on the right side of an Aces versus Kings confrontation against the unfortunate
      Jordan Kaplan. While Kaplan was cruelly eliminated, Speidel snatched the chip lead and will return for
      Day 3 with an impressive 378,000.

      Oliver Speidel

      Hot on SpeidelÂ’s heels is KoreaÂ’s Han Wook Kim who, despite returning for Day 2 with a paltry 4,375,
      enjoyed the rub of the green to finish the day with a respectable 318,000 in chips. Other players who
      acquitted themselves admirably include the PhilippinesÂ’ Janno Alvarez (193,900), the USAÂ’s Binh Nguyen
      (183,000), PortugalÂ’s Antonio Martins (177,600) and Sangeeth Mohan (41,700).

      With a prize pool of USD $615,950 to contest and a whopping USD $197,000 on offer for first place.

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      Sanat kaikini

      Samohh is out ;(

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      Jefferson Macazo in the hijack opens to 8500 with T♦ T♣. Sangeeth Mohan in cutoff shoved for 39,500. Macazo took a count before calling.He was up against Samohh’s K♦ J♦ . The board ran out Q♥ 3♥ 8♥ 5♥ A♦ to end Samohh run in the APT Philippines 2012 Main Event.

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      Speidel heads towards the Final Table as the chip leader

      Oliver Speidel has once more asserted his supremacy on the USD $2700 APT Philippines Main Event as he ended the Day3 as the chip leader. The day went on track with the remaining 42 players from the 254 that registered for the event, and the day was wrapped up when the final table of 10 players was decided.

      Oliver Speidel ends Day3 as the chip leadder

      The APT Philippines Main Event has had a Filipino champion for the last three years running in the form of 2009’s Neil Arce, 2010’s Michael Cua and 2011’s Enrique Del Prado Jr but, with only one Filipino left in the field in the form of Nicandro Filart on 224,000 in chips, the chances of the trophy remaining on home soil appear slim. Former champion Cua made a fantastic run today at snaring another title but could only finish in 18th place.

      The APT Philippines 2012 Final Table:

      Seat 1: David Steicke (Hong Kong) 144,000
      Seat 2: Antonio Martins (Portugal) 531,000
      Seat 3: Adam Monaghan (Australia) 181,000
      Seat 4: Franklin Acfalle (Guam) 190,000
      Seat 5: Divan Le Roux (South Africa) 787,000
      Seat 6: Ryan Hong (China) 250,000
      Seat 7: Conrad Coetzer (South Africa) 370,000
      Seat 8 Nicandro Filart (Philippines) 224,000
      Seat 9: Han Wook Kim (Korea) 302,000
      Seat 10: Oliver Speidel (Australia) 831,000

      The APT Philippines Main Event final table starts at 2PM Wednesday, April 25.

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      Team India’s Performance so far in APT

      PokerGuru Pro Amit Varma came 6th in $350 Pot Limit Omaha Hi (event 8) on the 23rd of April 2012.
      PokerGuru Pro Sangeeth Mohan placed 7th in $270 Dafa Poker Head Hunter (event 10) on the 24th of April 2012.

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      Le Roux crowned APT Philippines Champion

      South African Divan Le Roux is finnaly victorious after 4 days of play in the APT Philippines USD $2700 Main Event at Resorts World ManilaÂ’s Genting Club. Le Roux conquered the 254 player field to claim USD $197,000 in prize money. He defeated his fellow country-man Conrad Coetzer in a thrilling heads up contest.

      Divan Le Roux: APT Philippines Champion

      The final table started with overnight chip leader Oliver Speidel doing most of the work and eliminating several players in the form of Adam Monaghan, David Steicke and Antonio Martins. Le Roux then busted GuamÂ’s Franklin Acfalle before Speidel went on to end the three-year dominance of Filipino players on the APT Philippines title when he railed the home countryÂ’s last hope of Nicandro Filart in 6th place.

      However, after Han Wook Kim exited in 5th place, SpeidelÂ’s reign of terror on the final table was ended when his A♥ J♠ lost against Conrad CoetzerÂ’s 6♥ 6♠ and was crippled down to just 25,000 chips before Divan Le Roux administered the final blow.

      With ChinaÂ’s Ryan HongÂ’s departure in 3rd, the two South Africans entered heads up with Le Roux as the shorter stack on 1.44 million against CoetzerÂ’s 2.37 million. The lead swung back and forth several times before the final hand where Le Roux went allin with A♥ J♦ and CoetzerÂ’s called at the risk of his tournament life with Q♦ 9♥, the board flipped J♦ 8♣ 6♦ 7♣ 4♥ to give the title to Divan Le Roux.

      Final table payouts:

      1st Divan Le Roux USD $197,000
      2nd Conrad Coetzer USD $104,000
      3rd Ryan Hong USD $49,000
      4th Oliver Speidel USD $37,000
      5th Han Wook Kim USD $30,800
      6th Nicandro Filart USD $24,600
      7th Franklin Acfalle USD $18,500
      8th Antonio Martins USD $12,300
      9th David Steicke USD $11,700
      10th Adam Monaghan USD $10,450

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      Rajat Agarwal
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