Are the online Poker rooms Rigged / Manipulated to increase their profitability.YES

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      Hello Friends,
      we all have been playing poker online for sometime now at different poker rooms & I want to caution you that most of these poker rooms are rigged and manipulated to increase their rakes and profitability, Now you must be wondering why will a poker room manipulate card as they have no share in the outcome of the game as it is within players and they are just the service provider… Well Well Well…. I will explain you how and why they are rigged with my own experience now that I have played over 100 tourneys in the last 6 months….

      Well the manipulation mostly happens during a Rebuy torney and during the Rebuy period as more than 80 % of the tourneys online are Rebuy tourney with unlimited rebuy during the first hour.

      So the big question is why will the poker room manipulate and how…. Well if you guys have been playing online tourneys Most of these tourney have a minimum guaranteed prize pool, for ex last night I was playing a $ 30 buyin torney with a minimum prize pool of $ 30,000. So for the casino to be profitable they need at-least 1000 buying or else they will end up paying from their pockets, the no of people enrolled for the tourney were around 550 which means a total buyin of $ 16500, so now the casino needs $ 13500 more to be profitable apart from the the rake that is $ 3 for each buyin which comes to $ 1650 ( 3 * 550 ),

      So how will they compensate for the remaining $ 13500, well they will target players who have enough money in the account to buyin and give them big pockets however some other player will also have big pockets and will flop a set. Believe me last night I was on the casino’s side as I had no money to rebuy in my account and I made it to the tournament by winning a $ 1 feeder, So for the first one hour I was getting the best of cards, Can you imagine getting 6 pocket pairs in 12 deals.. Well it only happens during the rebuy period. The servers are rigged to throw more picture card and pocket pairs and target those player who will easily rebuy, the once who have money in their account. so dont be surprised if your pocket AA lost to pocket 10 coz the later flopped a set. Well at the end of the rebuy period I remember on fellow on my table who had take 7-8 rebuys of $ 30 each and was constantly targeted, he was losing with big pockets and double pair on the flop as well. At the end of the rebuy the casino managed a total buyin of 835 and 230 add-on so a total of 1065. Bingo they over achieved the target of 1000 buyin so now the casino is profitable.

      Well once the rebuy period is over the things settle down the frequency of you getting big pockets ( AA, KK ) or big picture cards ( AK, AQ ) comes down as the servers are adjusted again. I am sure the shufflers that shuffle the cards online are computer programmed and can be easily manipulated unlike the live casino where the dealer is shuffling the card.

      So the bottom line is if you want to play Rebuy tourneys online coz the prize pool is very attractive and you can stack up during the rebuy period make sure you don’t have a lot of money in your account of else you will be the chosen one as the casino is going to target those people who are most likely to rebuy if the lose all their chips. However in the long run if you are a good poker player you can sill make money palying online .

      Please feel free to voice your opinion on this.. Also read this article by clicking on the link below. It is surely RIGGED


      Vishal Surana

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Well Vishal not to sound like a PokerStars PR employee but PS does not need to rig its software to get. ppl to rake in more. It`s raking millions daily and is the indisputable market leader. The RNG on the softwares are closely regulated. This is true for most Online Casinos too!!

      Its not the 1st time such articles have been published and surely not the last time. Well I do not buy it personally.

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      Rebuy donks are gonna be shoving with a very wide range and chances are AA will go down often in multi-way pots. Well loosing streaks makes me doubt these f*** softwares but well many good players making $$ too and yeah they have $$ in their accounts. Guess the Pro`s will know better coz I have just $29 in my PS account so may PS is kind to me 😉

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      i don’t know whether online rooms are rigged or not…but as far as rebuy tourneys are concerned, the strategy is to double up each hand u play in the first 15-20 minutes…so people take chances and go all in with every type of hand specially pocket pairs and picture cards, that is why u felt there were so many picture cards n pocket pairs dealt coz every one went all in with picture cards n pocket pairs in order to increase stack size, while in normal tourneys people protect their stack n don’t take chances too often

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      agree with u theflunk!

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      Well tell me what are the chances of 4 people having pocket pairs with pocket AA vs KK vs JJ and a J on the flop to make a set … in a real game such probability is very rare but in a rebuy torney online it happens every 4th hand… you have to play one to know where I am coming form… The online shuffling is based on predetermined shuffling algorithm which can be adjusted as per the requirement… which is not possible in a live game with manual dealers, @ Rajat.. well I am not sure about Poker stars as I play on Dafa poke and I can vouch for it that it happens on Dafa poker for sure….

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Well not too sure about your every 4 hand argument but then I personally do not play on Ipoker so will not comment. But I will re-emphasize what I stated earlier that many of these online RNG`s are very closely monitored and believe me if there were such flaws in their softwares to “GENERATE ACTION” it would have blown over by now. Not to forget the Cake Poker Episode which happened like a year back.

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      yes rajat and also was the culprit few years back….wishcool if u think dafa is rigged, why dont u switch to other room??
      as far as aa kk jj is concerned see what happened at WSOP(not at the main event but some other event final table)
      everything is possible in poker this fact makes it so popular…
      AA can win only 4 out 5 times….once in every 5 times it’ll loose.
      AA is best preflop, post flop 2-7 can beat AA no wonder

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      Ultimatebet scam was HUGE

      Ok why play if u think they are rigged? First u need to be convinced its all fair else just switch to Live Poker and see how tht goes. We have had blogs about magic dealers and collusion so its not entirely foolproof but comparatively fairer option for u.

      P.S: I am convinced online poker is fair especially on Ipoker..

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      @ techdemo, well I still prefer to play online for the sheer convenience and the fact that not all format of games are rigged, Freezout games are the safest bet, though the guaranteed prize money is less but you do have peace of mind. @ theflunk..nice video, well I know it happens in the game of poker but it is something rare and not something every 5th hand… I will still continue to play on Dafa as the software is amazing ( much better then PS ) and the Freezout games are fair. Finally…

      Anyway, ONLINE POKER is RIGGED. The cards are NOT manipulated “per se;” It is the individual odds that are tweak like a slot machine is, to whatever odds they deem to fit to maximize their profitability, which again is down by installing a false sense of confidence.

      Funny thing is that players scream that only loser think it is rigged. Well, finally hear it from a WINNER!!! IT IS RIGGED!!!!!!!! 100%

      If they didn’t instill the false sense of confidence in most players, then they would LOSE alot of people. They also pick on people who they know will consitently rebuy, to rebuy, and only to rebuy again. NO matter what hand they are holding. They have software devices that track those that are willing to rebuy. Also, do NOT keep money in your account!! Cash OUT instantly!!! I am not sure that it really matters as the computer software tracking device that can set discretionary odds, probably already picked that up! Now they want there money back.

      RIGGED! anybody want to debate it with me, bring it on!I have the evidence, the math, experience, and the insite! Statistics do NOT lie!!!!!!!!!!!!
      This is NOT just a hunch! please trust a winner to tell you it is rigged!

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      @Wishcool: SO you are 100% convinced that Dafa Poker Rebuy tournaments are rigged or for all Online Sites offering Rebuy`s?

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      @ techdemo : I only play @ Dafa so I can only comment about dafa.. rest I cannot say !!

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      Well frankly I have not played at Dafa but I have played on Ipoker though not rebuy tournaments.

      But this is the 1st time I have heard this which is the only thing surprising to me.

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