Avg. chip stack to have while moving into a final table?

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      Siddarth Singhvi


      I wanted to know on how to decide the avg. stack to hold if one does move into a final table. Is it just calculated on the basis of Total Chips/No.of Players at Final table i.e for ex:350000/9=~ 40000 chips. Is this kind of assumption safe or is there any other factor involved.

      I mean moving into a final table with low chip stack is all about waiting for decent cards and shoving in or making position based all-in moves. I would rather make these moves earlier and try to build my chip stack before moving into the final table. Precisely the reason i would like to know the calculation of avg. chips to hold if one does reaches a final table.

      Any help or suggestion is welcome.


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      avg stack is the number of chips in play divided by the number of players left. ur example is absolutely correct and there no other factors involved.

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      Siddarth Singhvi

      thanks for the confirmation aditya 🙂

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      evans martin

      thanx for the info

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