Bank Roll Management for SNGs in pokerstars.

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      Monisha Jain


      I have just deposited a 100 $ in poker stars, and want to try playing the 90/180 man SNGs. What level buy-in should i be starting at with this kind of bank roll? I can deposit more, but i’d like to try my hand with this 100$ deposit first, and see if i can build it up, or if its just going to go down the drain :). What would be the recommended buy-in in the SNGs?


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      in my conservative but (no-bust) opinion …. start with playing 1.5$ single table sng’s … once you double the 100 u have deposited.. move to 18/27 player sngs.. if you drop 100 in them.. move back to single table sngs.. try again.. once you have around 400.. move to 45/90 player .. move to 180 once you have around 700-1000 in ur roll..

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      Monisha Jain

      Oh, ok, thanks for this tip Vinay! Seems to make sense. I was wanting to jump to the 90/180 tables straight away. Will try it out this way and let you know how it goes!

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      Good luck Monisha

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      Np.. GL .. Do post difficult hands on the forum.. I myself learn a lot analysing the hands ..

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      I have grinded more than 3K 180 mans on stars.. the min buy in available is 2.5$ i think 40 BI is ok but u need to score in your first attempts… ideally u need atleast 100BI to play 180s comfortably… i have a good ROI in them but i have also had 200 games BE stretches and been 100BI down multiple times. Try it out and let me know how it goes… u can also play the 1$ 90 mans and .5$ 90 mans if ur not comfortable with 2.5 180s

Viewing 5 reply threads
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