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      Any thoughts on bet sizing?

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      pre flop stick in region of 2.2x to 3.5x the bb for opening pots, for 3 bets in position pre flop stick to 2.2x to max 3x in position where as 2.8x to 4x when out of position.
      General continuation bet (cbet) on dry flops (not draw heavy, like for example A 6 9 rainbow) wud be lil less than half pot to max of 3/4 pot
      On draw heavy boards (for example k78cc with 2 clubs) cbet shud be around more than half pot to post size bet max.
      Obviously, they are many other factors when deciding on bet sizing but thats general guideline for pre flop and flops.

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      1. Your bets preflop should be of standard size. 2.2 up to 3 is fine. Keep them the same though whether your hand is 5,6 suited or AA.

      2. Never limp into an pot which has not been raised. And never raise unless you are prepared to call 1 x standard re-raise (e.g you make it 150 to go and someone behind makes it 300) to see a flop.

      After the flop .. depends on your position, cards, number of players seeing the flop, your perceived hand range, their likely preflop holdings, strength of your hand, texture of the board … oh and the position of the moon …

      ;D ;D ;D

Viewing 2 reply threads
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