bottom set on a wet board

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      Hand from ipc main Villain is a random uncle chases all draws and defends a lot in blinds and limps a lot.

      effective stacks :
      Villain – 30bb
      Hero – 35 bb

      blinds 300/600 ante 50

      Folded to me i have 88 on button i raise 1275, sb folds, bb calls.

      flop – 8sTsKs, i bet 2200, he calls
      turn – 7h – i bet 4400, calls.
      river – 5h – he shoves for 13k action ?

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      Call. If he has it, he has it. A random uncle can shove many worse hands for value.

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      thoughts on check bck the turn?

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      is checking back turn fine, i thought about but didn’t implement.

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      imo.. why check turn and give a free card.. call river..

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      yes call river….and turn bet is also good……i think he got 2 pair on river or was chasing the flush and bluffed at the end

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      Easy call imo. He either has a A/Q high flush or he is bluffing…

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      ended up calling he had A9s

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      dont c how can anybody fold here….tough luck danish bro….
      opponent looks like a more of luckbox than an actual player….dont c how can he play profitably for an hour with such play..providing a draw to full house on turn and river

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      yeah the uncle was weird he ended up donating chips

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      dont c how can anybody fold here….tough luck danish bro….
      opponent looks like a more of luckbox than an actual player….dont c how can he play profitably for an hour with such play..providing a draw to full house on turn and river

      This is just so ridiculous. Whatever else he may have done, uncle played post-flop absolutely perfectly (not on purpose). Uncle’s line is perfect here.

      Mukul you are being ridiculously results oriented. There is no reason for uncle to put him on a set and he got full value here. In addition, there are very few outs to the board pairing. It’s a big error to be so overly scared of potential bad cards.

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      This is just so ridiculous. Whatever else he may have done .

      he shud have rasied on flop itself…by only calling on flop he is providing 7 outs to danish on turn and river..
      then again calling on turn… on river danish has 10 outs… correct me if i am wrong on no of outs…
      yaa shoving on river is a good play and he did get full value to his hand…. flop and turn play is more of a bad play in long run…
      agree he is not putting danish on set…yet just by calling he providing extra chance to get board paired ….. why not just raise when uncle knows he is ahead??

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      You don’t seem to understand that he doesn’t get to see Danish’s hand!!! The probability that Danish has a set is VERY remote. Maybe 2-5% of the time. And even out of that 2 to 5% of the time, the board will pair only 25% of the time. There is no reason for uncle to do anything except try and slowplay this hand. Raising looks extremely strong and will result in Danish folding many hands which would have continued otherwise.

      “why not just raise when uncle knows he is ahead??”- Because that means Danish will fold most of the time and uncle will not get all his chips.

      Raising will result in Danish folding all his bluffs/top pairs etc…. his line keeps in all the hands that Danish could have had. If Danish can only have a set, then raise is good.

      Your entire commentary is based on the fact that you saw the result and now you know Danish had a set. This is a really flawed approach to analyzing a hand.

      In addition, your entire approach to poker is wrong. You are trying to protect your emotions and avoid bad beats rather than maximize money. Uncle has the nuts and the only way he can lose the hand is if a) the board pairs AND b) Danish has the set. The chances of both those being true is extremely unlikely. Therefore uncle should focus on keeping Danish in the pot rather than trying to protect his hand from some extremely unlikely circumstance.

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      agree with u… calling is right approach after flop…and my analysis is wrong on flop..shud not raise here…
      assume we dont know danish’s card….will danish fold on turn to my raise when he has already committed 40% of his stack??…
      every 4th card in deck can cause trouble to me on river and when i know my opponent has shown so much strength by committing 40% of his stack..why not go all in when i know i have nuts on turn…..
      Hang on..dont get ur hand analysis blinded by river…u dont know river also :P…

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      a similar hand happened in one drop posting here just for reference….skip directly to 39:50 of this vedio..and watch a hand between Brian rast and sam tricket …. slow playing is not always gud…

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      I am not saying slowplaying is always good. I am saying its good here. It’s not even so much that raising turn is very bad. The point is YOUR REASON for wanting to raise turn is based on fear rather than any valid analysis. Also you began by saying Uncle is a donk because he “Gave a draw to a full-house”. There is no reason to base our play on trying to avoid being sucked out on.

      It’s very possible that Danish can fold after committing 40% of his stack. You are too fixated by your desire to make sure you win the hand or that you don’t get sucked out on rather than maximizing your EV. There is no bad card on the river. I am never folding no matter what comes on the river. If Danish has a set (which is very unlikely) we are getting it in almost all the time. This is not what matters really. If we knew he had a set obviously we should raise, but there are plenty of hands in his range which a raise may scare out.

      Edit: It’s absolutely hilarious that you post that hand Trickett v Rast. Shows how incredibly results-oriented you are being here. Rast played that hand absolutely perfectly. So did Trickett. That was a cooler. It’s pretty much a mirror of this hand except that the river was different. In any case both players played it perfectly.

      I guess you will never be convinced, but when both players play poker perfectly very often one of them will get stacked even though he made no error. As long as you think that losing a hand or losing your stack means you made a mistake, you will get nowhere in poker.

      What’s even more funny is that you think I am results oriented because I saw that the river didn’t spoil uncle’s hand. Even if the board paired and uncle shoved and Danish stacked him, the uncle would still have played the hand fine.

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      Sanat kaikini

      dude who was it? even i got a beat same way. and the he donated his chips too

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      ok chalo got ur point prabhat bhai….may be i am too dumb to understand the reasoning.. 😛
      bottom line is uncle is a luck box..because he floped a nut flush..that too from big blind…and sucked out from my danish bro.. 😛

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