Call’s good or shove?

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      Poker Stars $30+$3 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t100/t200 Blinds + t25 – 9 players – View hand 2093097
      DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

      BB: t1530 M = 2.91
      Hero (UTG): t6285 M = 11.97
      UTG+1: t4295 M = 8.18
      UTG+2: t12661 M = 24.12
      MP1: t3079 M = 5.86
      MP2: t8506 M = 16.20
      CO: t2740 M = 5.22
      BTN: t9271 M = 17.66
      SB: t6160 M = 11.73

      Pre Flop: (t525) Hero is UTG with A :diamond: 3 :club:
      Hero raises to t400, , SB calls t300,

      Flop: (t1225) K :heart: A :club: A :spade: (2 players)
      SB checks, Hero bets t455, SB calls t455

      Turn: (t2135) J :diamond: (2 players)
      SB checks, Hero bets t800, SB calls t800

      River: (t3735) 4 :spade: (2 players)
      SB bets t800, Hero calls t800

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      I would just reraise him 3k to get value from king pair.. I cnt imagine him having Ax in this spot.. Looks more like Kx hoping for a cheap showdown.. Also, our kicker is pretty much sorted with two overs on the board, just in case.. I wudnt shove here coz I want value from weak pairs.. He might hero call our shove but lets just make it easy fr him to pay us off.. Dont like the call here for sure!!

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      Arjun Parmar

      fold pre…

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      fold pre…

      I agree with you on this.. Bt try to give ur opinion about how the hand played out as well.. For instance: “I would fold pre.. But, given this situation, now I would probably xyz…. ” This would be more useful, I think

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