Cash and SNG staking for Indian players

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      Abhishek Rathod

      Me and a few friends have recently started a staking group are looking to add some players specifically from the Indian community.

      What we offer
      1- Staking for Cash games upto nl50 and SNGs/mtSNGs upto 15$.
      2- Weekly review sessions and coaching sessions.
      3- Skype study group.
      4- Constant communication from our backers/coaches.
      5- Moving up quickly.
      6- Profit split will be negotiated on an individual basis.

      1. Put in atleast 20 hours a week.
      2. Needs to be a winning player at a stake one or two levels below present stake.
      3. Provide pics of graphs, br on a weekly basis.
      4. Be available on a weekly basis for reviews and coachings.

      Applications (To be sent via PM)
      1- Full name
      2- Country
      3- All screen names across all sites you play or have played
      4- Skype
      5- Sharkscope and OPR should be unlocked
      6- Graphs of your last 10K hands over your current limit
      7- Number of hours/week you will put in after getting staked
      8- Have you ever been backed? If yes by whom and why was it ended
      9- Why do you want to be staked?
      10- References

      Please reply here and then send a PM

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      ps sn: vinaysuchede ; pm w graph sent on skype for 50nl

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      Vivek Raju

      PS ID : “husselbalnk”

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      Abhishek Rathod

      PS ID : “husselbalnk”

      havent got a PM from you

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      sumit malik

      ps id – i love 8 10

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      PS id pranavpoker Skype : pranav.khandalkar

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      id on all major networks – jdsaz

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      ps: Raulmoneymkr; I didnt won on this site till date. I did won on an Indian site Royalmirage poker. It operates in Mumbai Only. I can upload my graph for this site. I am really intersted in sng and tourney on ps. I am ready to put my winning on Royal mirage to poker star, infact i am going to deposit this week. It will highly be of pleasure for me if u can just coach me and we can discuss on my play on ps.Give me ur Email id and I will post my graphs.

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      Atif Ahmed

      ps kabooke2007 888 Atif0811

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      Ali Asger SC

      Hi. I m looking for someone to stake me 10000- 20000 INR . I play mostly low stake SNGs online. Guaranteed return 50% of stake every month. Please pm if interested.


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      Poker Guru

      PokerGuru Feature: Heads-Up with Abhishek Rathod on Poker Staking

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