Chris ferguson Challenge : 0$ to 1000$ (Reached 52.03$ in 2 weeks)

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      Nehal Kapadi

      Background –
      Hey guys I am a teenage student and i use to play on pokerstars a year back but stopped after cashing out a huge tournament win (545$,yes it is huge for me :P) I havnt played poker since then.

      How the challenge started-
      Just a week back i opened stars to see if any poker pros are playing and i happened to open the freeroll section by mistake.There was a 1000$ grntd freeroll ,buy in was 20fpp ,i had around 120fpp. I ran deep in the tournament winning just over a dollar and thats how it all started.

      How I went about it –
      with that 1$ i played .01-.02 cash games and played until i reached around 5 $.

      I got bored with cash games pretty soon 😛
      I prefer sngs/tourneys over cash.
      Then started with 0.50$ turbo 45man sngs.
      I have been playing those for a week now…the first first prize is 6.30$.
      Hence,my br after a week –


      1)To reach 100$ and start playing 1.50$ stt

      2)Eventually moving up the ladder and reaching my goal of 1000$ .

      I dont have a certain date to complete this challenge but sooner the better

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Good Luck mate and I am really glad to see this post.

      1. You have set very realistic targets

      2. You seem to have a plan.

      Do keep us all updated on your goal!

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      Nehal Kapadi

      Thanx bro 🙂
      I shall keep you’ll updated 🙂

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      Good Luck Nehal and keep at it.

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      Nice post ….i hope you will reached the target.

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      this really is a motivating post…good going btw…anyways at what time do you play on ps and on what limits now?….do let me know…i would like to play with you a hand or two…cheers

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      Nehal Kapadi

      Thanx a lot guys 🙂

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      Nehal Kapadi

      0.50$ 45 players turbo – 72
      ROI – 168%
      ITM – 38%
      Starting bankroll- 0$
      Current bankroll – 60.07$

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      Nehal Kapadi

      So ,here my graph for around 400 games only 17 1.50$ 45 in it though.
      I could mix the 1.50$ 45 as i had won some 97$ in a private freeroll…
      Went through a sick downswing 40 bis around . Took my time cover it but back to the badbeats again lol
      anyways ,so my bankroll is 169 $
      ITM % – 35%
      no of games-394 (but hm is missing few of my games)
      This is very slow…my goal to play live tournaments in goa seems very far for now.
      anyways, thanx guys 🙂

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      Keep the faith and your cool. I am sure to be railing you on the live coverage of a goa tournament this year.

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      Nehal Kapadi

      Keep the faith and your cool. I am sure to be railing you on the live coverage of a goa tournament this year.

      thanx mate:)

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