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      Ninad K

      Poker Stars $20+$2 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t125/t250 Blinds + t30 – 9 players – View hand 2547995
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      Hero (UTG): t22125 M = 34.30
      UTG+1: t18339 M = 28.43
      UTG+2: t7020 M = 10.88
      MP1: t15481 M = 24.00
      MP2: t19592 M = 30.38
      CO: t9867 M = 15.30
      BTN: t18830 M = 29.19
      SB: t9315 M = 14.44
      BB: t7967 M = 12.35

      Pre Flop: (t645) Hero is UTG with A K
      Hero raises to t750, , CO calls t750, BTN calls t750, , BB calls t500

      Flop: (t3395) 6 Q T (4 players)
      BB checks, Hero checks, CO bets t1697, BTN calls t1697, BB folds, Hero calls t1697

      Turn: (t8486) 2 (3 players)
      Hero bets t2250, CO folds, BTN calls t2250

      River: (t12986) Q (2 players)

      Shove and continue with flush bluff or check here??

      Poker Stars $2.65+$2.65+$0.20 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t100/t200 Blinds + t25 – 9 players – View hand 2547997
      DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

      MP1: t11515 M = 21.93
      MP2: t11051 M = 21.05
      CO: t5070 M = 9.66
      BTN: t14216 M = 27.08
      Hero (SB): t11801 M = 22.48
      BB: t1254 M = 2.39
      UTG: t10524 M = 20.05
      UTG+1: t6388 M = 12.17
      UTG+2: t2892 M = 5.51

      Pre Flop: (t525) Hero is SB with 2 4
      , MP2 calls t200, , Hero calls t100, BB checks

      Flop: (t825) Q 4 4 (3 players)
      Hero checks, BB bets t1029 all in, MP2 calls t1029, Hero raises to t2600, MP2 raises to t10826 all in,

      Call or Fold?? called pre as it was cheap flop to look at. Also, MP2 had abt $10 bounty on him, if that changes the decision?

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      hand 1 is a disaster, think check over calling flop is pretty bad and leeding turn wud be fine if we had a diamond blocker in a our hand which we dont. Dont think we should ever get to river, anywyas what range (hands) do u think ur opponent has? if we can answer that we can decide if we shud bliff or not.

      hand 2, seems fine, call now

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      Sharad Rao

      Hand 1:

      i think i fold such flops straight away with no diamonds with us. The board hits such a huge part of they range i think
      if we call flop i think check folding turn is in order acc to me.
      Leading in to them doesn’t make them fold much of their range and they could be trapping us too here.

      Had we been in pos we could have made this play but oop i think against 2 oppon i would fold flop.

      i think this one is the simple. snap call.
      Even simpler when Mp2 shoves on you because now you atleast have a side pot to contest for and which most likely is yours.
      He has so many Qx combos in his range. and as he limped pre i think he could also have a pp so i think he made the job easy for us.

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      Ninad K

      hand 1, I checked the flop as I felt a c-bet would result in a raise from anyone who has hit Q and end up with more chips to see the turn. On turn, I tried to show I had hit the flush (maybe the bet was weak). At this point, since BTN did not raise I put him on QJ or KQ with a Q pair and no flush.

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      Sharad Rao

      how can you say no flush buddy? i mean isn’t that how he would play a flush?
      even if he has Q i dont think he’s ever folding to that river once he has called your turn bet.

      Lets hear it out from inter.

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