Damn AJs again v Limpers

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      Poker Stars $2.00+$0.20 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t150/t300 Blinds + t40 – 9 players
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      Hero (MP2): t8895 M = 10.98
      juwelchen (CO): t10050 M = 12.41
      TheTravMan58 (BTN): t4163 M = 5.14
      kolobok7707 (SB): t12565 M = 15.51
      Lyanchic (BB): t12630 M = 15.59
      khoo88 (UTG): t10459 M = 12.91
      Dinox (UTG+1): t10478 M = 12.94
      pertah (UTG+2): t5395 M = 6.66
      Mihail T (MP1): t2737 M = 3.38

      Pre Flop: (t810) Hero is MP2 with J :diamond: A :diamond:
      , Dinox calls t300, pertah calls t300, , Hero raises to t1111, , Lyanchic calls t811, Dinox calls t811, pertah calls t811

      Flop: (t4954) Q :diamond: 2 :club: Q :heart: (4 players)
      Lyanchic checks, Dinox checks, pertah checks, Hero ??

      Just think I should have shoved pre.. or raised pre to like 1800/1900-ish.. which would leave a psb as Adi said in the similar spot last time.. any thoughts ? This time its 30BB !

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      I don’t think shoving pre is a mistake here, and as you said a bigger raise pre would have been better, coz at these levels I don’t except to be exploited when varying your raising size a bit.
      As played I would give up and check the flop.

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      Shoving pre seems better option.
      As there is noway you can play these limpers without hitting a monster flop…. Also they are calling your shove most of the times with a lot of worse hands… A7 A9 to A4 A3… KJ K10 etc…
      As played..check the flop.

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      Nah cant jam pre, unless you have seen on of the limpers make marginal calls regularly. Risking 30BBs with AJs, is not that great. you can still play post flop with 30BBs, so dont like jam pre.

      If I have winning image on the table, only then do I try to squeeze in this spot, specially from MP. Cause that fact gives me a lil more FE, which is what I need them to do, fold. Otherwise just let it go (maybe I am being too nitty idk)..

      Squeeze amount – 1111 is fine with one limper , but with 2 I would prefer to make it ~1450

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