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      Arpit Jain

      Daniel Negreanu has certainly had issues with the powers that be at TwoPlusTwo.com. A few months after receiving a one-day ban from the site for “spamming,” Negreanu has taken a shot at the forum again, this time involving a deleted thread regarding a charity benefitting the 22Q Foundation.
      For a long time, TwoPlusTwo has had a policy to not support charities. Reasons for that haven’t been made public, but the site has had issues with scammers taking advantage of fake charities in the past. This particular charity is being supported by several poker players who will be participating in a 50-hour poker podcast show beginning on Sept. 3 to raise money for children who suffer from 22Q.11 deletion syndrome.
      Shortly after a thread about the benefit was created at TwoPlusTwo, it was shut down. Once Negreanu found out, he posted his thoughts in a thread at Full Contact Poker.
      “Have a heart. It’s for charity. Stop being such nits,” Negreanu wrote. “I get along fine with David Sklansky and feel like he really isn’t too involved with all this crap, but Mason Malmuth and that kook moderator are greasy, slimy, nerdy, nutcases and they make me sick.”
      The “kook” Negreanu is referring to is the same TwoPlusTwo moderator that banned him in March when Daniel was trying to post his Weekly Rant in the News, Views and Gossip forum. Negreanu was warned about spamming because the video included an ad for iSeriesLive, and he was subsequently banned when he tried to post the video a second time.

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      Think the moderators there need to wake up .. that is simply ridiculous.

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      very true….moderators at 2+2 are retard….dont know why they keep on deleting post….. Saw them deleting post of a member who use to be supernova elite at PS from USA….and they deleted his post just because he started rant on PS and FTP after Black friday…
      in monetary terms a supernova elite makes more than 100K USD a year via rakeback and playing poker on PS…..So if he is having an issue shud a forum support him or delete his post

Viewing 2 reply threads
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