Deep in milly – thoughts on flatting

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      16/78 in the sunday milly my frnd played the hand, this is the hand.

      utg is lag with 55 bb and has been opening a lot we have 33 bb utg raises 62 at 15000/30000 we are in mp with AA and he flats hero has been playing tight and has never 3bet and and a couple of shorties after us so it gets folded and flop comes 456r villain bets 87k in 190k hero re-pops it to 210 villian makes it 334 we ship 780 more he calls. Thoughts on flatting pre ?

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      looks ok to me..

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      great play imo.

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      Arjun Parmar

      raise always imo

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      very gud play…no point in raising and letting opponent away… 4 bet will narrow ur range against quality opponent…point is to double up and dont let opponent escape 🙂

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      y ru questionin flattin pre flop D!! wow n he raised 87k on a 456 board lol TELL!! haha

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      for a tight player who never 3bets worst move he can make here is 3betting assuming hes been on table for a while. also since short stack remianing to act i feel its a good move. standard on flop. hope he had overpair instead of set.

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      he had 55 gg

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      Since UTG is a LAG, I’d probably try another gambit – min raise him preflop, hoping he’d repop it, allowing me to either shove or reraise.

      I’ve tried this fairly successfully in live tourneys, snap calling the shove into me.

      It is tricky to flat the min raise – I got into exactly such a spot at the CR cup, where almost the exact postflop action happenned (ditto flop 456r), leading to my bet-reraise-shove, only for the villain to produce 78! Last week, at IPL, yet again I flatted a min raise by a LAG opening many hands – same bet-raise-shove action on a flop of 78T, where the villain produced 69s (2 hearts on the flop to my Ah made the shove even more attractive but the backdoor flush didnt happen)! Both AA lost to flopped straights.

      Watching this space for more lines of thought, as this sort of situation has knocked me out of tourneys twice (with flatting the min raise) and has led to doubleups (with the repop-shove line of action) a couple of times. And the times all have folded to my shove – I’ve been happy to take down a 10-15BB pot preflop.

Viewing 8 reply threads
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