Did i do the right thing?

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      Siddarth Singhvi

      Yesterday, there was a 5K Rebuy/Addon tournament in my city. There were about 20-22 players. The total prize-pool was Rs 1,65,000. 4 places in the money:
      1st- 80k, 2nd-45k, 3rd-30k, 4-10k

      Finally 5 people were left..and they started talking about splitting the prize-pool as per the stacks. The blinds were 3k/6k..i believe 10 more mins were left for that level, the next level was 4k/8k. Following were the chip stacks:
      Chip-Leader-72K chips
      Me,3rd,4th-abt 35k chips each (+/- 1k variation max)
      5th guy-28k chips

      We decided to split the money finally with chip leader getting-58k, me,3rd,4th guy- 28.5 k and the 5th place-21.5k. At that moment i agreed considering the fact that i was supposed to be BB/SB the next two hands.

      I am still not convinced if i have done the right thing by agreeing for a 28.5k payday.

      Suggestions are welcome.


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      I think the first got way too much and should not get more than 50k.
      You can check the link below and see the diff equities players had according to their stack by putting the payouts.

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      Siddarth Singhvi

      wow this tool helps, it takes everything into consideration. Thanks Adi
      all i did that day was a simple ratio/proportion calculation and thought to myself ah well theek he to hai- chuck it…my maths sucks 😛
      should have called up a poker pro 🙂

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      Jake Witcher

      The trouble with this onis your one spot of payout. so equity split is slightly distorted.

      This is how one generally looks at a split on chip count if it helps for future evaluations.

      note: as ever blinds, amount of play, percieved skill levels and other factors amy change a normal calculation

      ok: normally everyone takes the lowest payout at this stage: so 10k each.
      remove this from the rest of the prizepool so 1,65,000 – 50k (5 x 10k 4th place) = 1,15,000

      then by percentage split the rest of the money acording to stack. so 205k in total chips (note im going to alter the nunbers slightly to make rough calculations easier. (the final resutl wont be far away))
      so by chip counts thats roughly
      35% (72k is roughly that of 205k total)
      17.5% (35k roughly that of 205k total)

      so by that payouts would be

      1st 10k + 40250 (35% of 1,15,000) = 50250
      2nd 10k + 20125 (17.5% of 1,15,000) = 30125
      3rd 10k + 20125 (17.5% of 1,15,000) = 30125
      4th 10k + 20125 (17.5% of 1,15,000) = 30125
      5th 10k + 14375 (12.5% of 1,15,00) = 24375

      these are rough numbers and based on everyone takign 4th (which in this spot would be appropriate), if you had done a 5th place deal of say 7.5k for 5ht being taken off the top proze, then all woudl have taken that prize and ten changed the numebr accordingly.

      the deal wasnt terrible but maybe there was a better one. BUT blinds very high, and its push or pass poker and only lead has options.

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      i have seen many times deal hapening on online tournaments on pokerstars….
      this is the first time i have heard in live tournament…
      deal shud come into picture after u r into prize pool…
      place 5 got 21K….
      u could have agreed after 4 players left…

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