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      In the BB with 10 8 .. stack sizes all similar (villian has 10 less in middle position ) – 3rd hand of tournament.

      10h 8h

      EP raises to 70 and villian in MP raises to 210 .. cutoff calls, SB folds and I call (expecting the EP to call as well) EP folds. ( I know it is not a great call given the bet sizes but I like to see a flop with this hand as they are normally very profitable when they connect as they are disguised when they do hit the flop hard)

      flop 9 75 with (two spades) .. I flop the nut straight. I check .. villain bets 375 into a pot of approx 700 making it slightly over 1,000 .. now I already know that he has an overpair and wants to close it down (he had AA with the As; so you know what comes next) I re-raise allin expecting him to call with his AA Kk QQ .. which he does and the turn is a spade along with the river for a runner runner flush ..

      I seem to be getting this a lot whether or not I make the shove or call a shove with the nuts on the flop or turn … I checked raised an allin on a board of A482 with A8 only to be called by A9 and he catches a 9 on the river … I know this is plain bad luck (unlike some of the hands where I just play badly and call off my chips when I am behind and have convinced myself the opponent is just firing with air) …

      Should I just flat call and then slow down if the third spade hits and see a cheap river (I don’t believe in giving free cards) … and possibly fold with a short stack remaining – or is it better to get his chips allin on the flop (knowing that he has a pair, therefore potentially only one spade) and pray your straight holds to the river ?

      To be honest the amount of time this happens either early on .. or when you are sitting in a final table spot .. only to be busted on the bubble is ridiculous. I know I should wait until the bubble is sorted and payout secured .. but I also subscribe to the theory that to have a good chance of winning it .. you cannot pass up hands like AA or KK .. and these are the hands that seem to cause the damage .. you either get reraised or shoved on rather than being able to see a flop … How do you fold KK to someone who you know is shoving with air … I have called to see him show 8 2 … hit 88X on the flop and one on the river for good measure … and 80% of you chips get shoved over to him .. while he types in .. that’s the way I roll baby … whilst all I can do is type $%$£[email protected] donk …

      Not sure what my question is other than should I be avoiding these confrontations or angling for them or just accept that “shit happens” and get the money in knowing I am front ??

      Fell free to ignore this as a rant as opposed to any serious strategy question …


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      After the short stack raised to 60 and a few callers I raised to around 450 from the button .. knowing the shortstack will reshove … two of them again flat call this massive raise …

      the result …
      Capture 1.jpg
      Capture 2 flop.jpg
      Capture 3 turn.jpg
      Capture 4 river.jpg

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Wow. I Guess too many fish on the table and Aces do get cracked. But limping with 60 and then calling 9X bet is just ridic by the other 2 players.

      IMO hope that u get to play them again soon.

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      Sujith Raj

      feel your pain buddy, if you check you will see that I got a high percentage of posts on card specific/general bad run , so called variance rants too.

      now i donno what buyin that T8 tourney was. say its below 20$, what would he put you on middle pair, set? and at such stakes they wont fold TT if bin laden came up from the sea floor and asked him to do so (we never got to see his body, again variance !!), coz he already 3 bet pot, c’mon u shudnt fold if u have 3 bet, its a prestige issue, his dad won’t fold, nor would his grandpa.

      moving on…
      you having 2 pair, others catching miracle 2-3 outers by river – standard…when i see im 80-90% up on flop, i say to myself – here comes the pain, there it materialises.

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      Sujith Raj

      this is a post to myself, reminding that there are gr8 players out there…please don’t think im advicing….im not.

      by the way do check “djk123” dan kelly or some top 20 OPR players…pretty impressive, they keep up their win rate consistently.

      I believe there is more to playing poker than pure skill and brave play.

      The luck part/pyschological effect – we have to call it into effect or think positive all the time. I know its hard when you have suffered that nth bad beat, but this is the only way out at low stakes. Coz think about others players, they are going through the same, and only edge we have is in mind power.

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