Entopay asking for my debit card info.

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      i have icici debit card….but it does not allow me to make payment @ poker sites….i decided to use entropay….they sent me mail saying——

      Dear flunk,

      Your EntroPay username is flunk.

      Whilst carrying out a random security check , we have noticed that your account needs further verification, and we have temporarily restricted your account.

      Your EntroPay account will be fully reactivated once we have receivedand reviewed the following ;

      1.) A clear copy of your Passport, Photographic Drivers Licence or I.D. Card (both sides).

      2.) A clear copy of both sides of all funding sources registered on your account, (For security reasons, we only need to see the first 6 and last 4 digits, Please COVER the 3 digit security code (CVV)). If your funding source is a Virtual Card, please send us a screenshot.

      3.) A clear copy of a recent utility bill, on which your name and address are clearly visible.

      4.) The name of the merchant at which you intend to spend.

      You may send the documents via the Help Desk inside your account which is a secure channel.

      Log into your EntroPay account, click on Help and Support, select helpdesk, click new request and attach the documents.

      All documents are kept in a secure environment, and are only available to senior security personnel.

      We apologize for any inconvenience this causes but we trust that you appreciate the importance of maintaining appropriate security standards for our customer’s accounts.

      Kind Regards

      EntroPay Security Team

      what should i do???
      any other option for online deposite???

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      Any issues with giving them this information?

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      yes…i don’t mind giving id n utility bill….but with debit card i m not sure…that’s why i m asking it to u guys

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      IMO this is a security trigger because you used a debit card. If it were a credit card, chances are the security check would not come.

      Why are you unsure about debit card?

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      dont worry about this security check, the same thing happened to me a few months back. i gave them whatever they required but told them i wudnt disclose wer im spendin my money coz thats my business.. but as long as u comply with the other things they askd for ur act shud be up n runnin in a few hours aftr they verify ur details..

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      tech its jus a random check.. i had been using entropay for over a year before i had the same thing happen to me. jus took a few hours to give them the details n was back on track

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      Yes they asked me for a security check too. Was using a debit card hence the view. Thanks Shawn for the info.

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      Sanat kaikini

      i have the same issue.what all do i have to send them?everything on the list?

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      Yes. They need id/Address Proof along with the proof of funding source.

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      Sanat kaikini

      so DL and copy of the card would be enough? Utility bill is not on my name.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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