facing a gross shove on a diamond monotone board w overpair (no diamond)

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      Poker Stars $8.00+$0.80 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t60/t120 Blinds + t15 – 9 players
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      BB: t8337 M = 26.47
      UTG: t17562 M = 55.75
      UTG+1: t1337 M = 4.24
      UTG+2: t2127 M = 6.75
      MP1: t4506 M = 14.30
      MP2: t14114 M = 44.81
      CO: t3047 M = 9.67
      Hero (BTN): t8548 M = 27.14
      SB: t2674 M = 8.49

      Pre Flop: (t315) Hero is BTN with T T
      UTG calls t120, , MP2 calls t120, , Hero raises to t712, , UTG calls t592,

      Flop: (t1859) 4 7 5 (2 players)
      UTG checks, Hero bets t960, UTG raises to t16835 all in, Hero ??

      Villain is 24/9 over 60 hands..

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      Highly doubt he check-shoves a flopped flush here,but cant totally discount it either. Ad7x is somewhat likely , so is Ax6d,66/88 with a diamond, 44/55/77/88/99, flopped straight with random Suited gappers. Against this range, I think calling for 70BBs is somewhat spewy. I would only lean towards a call based on reads. Eg If you have a read on him that he has no idea about stack sizes , seems spewy etc.

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      I don’t think he has Flopped flush

      Ad6x or similar hands, quite possible. He won’t shove without nut flush draw minimum. I would probably fold this hand these days, simply because I am comfortable waiting for better spots and would mark a read on this player who does not mind semi-bluff all-in.

      A few months ago, I would’ve called knowing the same reads, just that his range also has set possibilities and in that case I am almost drawing dead.
      t60/t120 means you’re already 1 hour deep and have more than average stack almost 1.5 times. I would pass this for now, greed isn’t always good, looking for others and your own answer.

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      DVcoolster, making decisions on generalistic basis such as “greed is bad” or “we are comfortable now” is a terrible idea, we need to analyze this hand a bit more logically than that.

      Something Indian nits (all you guys) fail to realize is that just because they play sensibly and need “minimum” hands to do something, it DOES NOT mean that European spazz-tards play the same way. The kind of player who makes this shove often does so with absolutely terrible hands like A6o no diamonds, or 88, 99, KQ with King of Diamonds, and sometimes hands which defy any kind of logical analysis.

      Somebody running 24/9 over 6 hands isn’t prolly so spazzy, so I’d fold given that we have to be right AND hold up just too often for this to be good.

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      Sachin Sinha

      It’s very close, but I am calling this one. Villain’s range is heavily biased towards a flush draw and we are doing good (only marginally though) against that. Stack sizes make this look spewy, but I will take my chances to double up, which would possibly place us among the chipleaders.

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      $8 regular sng..villain 24/9 over 60 hands..I don’t see any ace rags in his range after he limp flats from utg. So no flush draws ..
      Its still always a fold.. 57 blinds is a lot to call off on this board getting only about 1.5 to1 (and i don’t think we have 40% against his range given the action)..

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      he prolly has a set or sumthing(higher pair is also likely) and at this point he is scared of a 4th diamond on board and thus he is shoving….i would fold here…but he didnt flop a flush

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      Rajit Kumar

      Fold..There r too many hands dat either beat u right now or have a high probability to beat u on d remaining streets..most likely are sets,flush draws,higher PP…He seems to b scared of d 4th diamond..so probably he has a made hand rite now..I would call dis all day if we were 10-15 BB’s deep…but wid ur stack size..Just fold..

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      result: I drooled and called; he showed up with 9d9s; turn Kc, river Kd..

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