Facing a river shove deep in the Bigger 16.5

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      Poker Stars $15.00+$1.50 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t500/t1000 Blinds + t125 – 8 players

      MP2: t25553 M = 10.22
      CO: t62957 M = 25.18
      BTN: t4704 M = 1.88
      SB: t15439 M = 6.18
      Hero (BB): t39550 M = 15.82
      UTG: t2590 M = 1.04
      UTG+1: t30720 M = 12.29
      MP1: t46864 M = 18.75

      Pre Flop: (t2500) Hero is BB with A T
      , CO raises to t2780, , Hero calls t1780

      Flop: (t7060) 3 3 Q (2 players)
      Hero checks, CO checks

      Turn: (t7060) Q (2 players)
      Hero checks, CO bets t3530, Hero calls t3530

      River: (t14120) 3 (2 players)
      Hero checks, CO bets t56522 all in, Hero ???

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      fold…it does not worth it….the board has made a full house and co is bluffing to get the pot…but still does not worth putting ur tourny life at risk..

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      This makes no sense if you are sure he is bluffing obviously you have to call.

      Not too many 3s in his range and only AA/KK beat you otherwise..pretty std call.

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      Q beats him too Prabhat. I feel like its a Q or a chop here with a good chance of him having Qx

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      Easy fold. Calling there is just horrible.

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      Right apologies there, didn’t see stack sizes correctly. I just assumed it was a standard pot-sized jam etc. Yeah its a pretty easy fold.

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      easy fold can take rish at this stage

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      No idea why you flatted in the BB, what your preflop thinking was, your read on your opponent .. just looks like I have an ace so I’ll see a flop with it?

      Why no re-raise preflop considered? Standard raise from the CO looking to take the blinds down.

      is not dangerous … why no c-bet to see if you can take it down or gain information as to the real strength of his hand.check .. check tells you nothing .. he has a Q and is checking or he is scared you are trapping (since you failed to c-bet a good flop) … you really should have POA before call the preflop bet.

      checking again on the turn is just plain horrible .. then flat calling his bet is even worse.
      What was your thoughts, what were hoping/planning to do or what card did you expect to see ?
      If you thought he had a Q or a 3 then it’s a fold otherwise .. bet or check/raise.
      Check calling gives you only one option .. to hit an ace (two outs) that you are not even certain is good?

      check the river gives him enough info to assume you don’t have a Q or overpair and if it is a chop enough incentive to bluff the river ..

      Even a decent blocking bet here might give you the split or even make him fold … but personally I would have made a play for the pot on the flop

      Not really sure why you called in the first place .. not the worst play
      But that flop should have been c-bet regardless once you make the call. Personally I’d rather lose 3,500 there in attempt to take it down and gain information on the strength of his hand than the line you took ?

Viewing 7 reply threads
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