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      This is Abhishek Kedia from mumbai. I just freerolled and played the IPS 7.5k event. I must say it is poles apart from online. The way the blinds move. The demeanour of the players was so intimidating that i was donating blinds. Missing simple calls and raises. Aarash Farsi sat about 3 seats away read every single hand I played. I ended up 18th(knocked out Hussain Lakdawala!!) which isnt half bad. I was simply outplayed and nothing was going to help me. Then I played a disasterous hand against Vikram Verma in the 5k event. I had QJ and he had 7c6c. Flop came XXc5c. Checked through. Turn came 9s He raised to half my stack I had put him on a straight draw and I shoved cos I knew i had him covered at that point and he called. He hit the 8 on the river. This was 5 minutes after I sat down I felt humiliated. I need some serious time on the felt. PokerGuru HELPP!!!

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      PRACTICE makes perfect. Ask Husain or Vikram they will tell you stories about their 1st time. Believe me with time you will improve.

      Yes table presence has to be learned. You must actually think rather then just trying to look serious. But I think Pros will be able to give you more advise on that.

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      Im a student, any micro/small stakes table time I can get in Mumbai!!

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