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      2. I was thinking to get it all in if the turn was a d – this guy was flatting a lot not sure what hand he will flat call pre and then check raise – 2 questions should i shove if the turn was a diamond and should i have shoved on the flop re raise (btw this guy was not a donk was playing well with a stat of VPIP 24 and Afq 70. This hand was at 900 ppl remaining 540 paid

      Full Tilt – 400/800 NL – Holdem – 8 player
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      BTN: 25,901.00
      SB: 53,325.00
      BB: 20,312.00
      UTG: 53,621.00
      Hero (UTG+1): 25,912.00
      MP: 43,191.00
      MP+1: 28,924.00
      CO: 26,404.00

      BTN posts ante 100.00, SB posts ante 100.00, BB posts ante 100.00, UTG posts ante 100.00, Hero posts ante 100.00, MP posts ante 100.00, MP+1 posts ante 100.00, CO posts ante 100.00, SB posts SB 400.00, BB posts BB 800.00

      Pre Flop: (2000.00) Hero has A8(dd)

      fold, Hero raises to 2,000.00, fold, fold, fold, fold, SB calls 1,600.00, fold

      Flop: (5600.00, 2 players) 698(hds)

      SB checks, Hero bets 3,200.00, SB raises to 6,400.00, Hero calls 3,200.00

      Turn: (18400.00, 2 players)5(s)

      SB bets 44,825.00 and is all-in, fold

      SB wins 18,400.00

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      Sorry at that level I would be passing/folding A 8 at UTG +1 and certainly not raising with it. It is only A8 and you will not be getting the odds to just flop a flush draw (about 8/1) … you have too many players to act behind that could easily shove with a strong hand. Suited cards should be treated the same as non-suited in early position … It is a hand destined to get you into trouble.

      a) you are lucky he is the only one to act behind and flats allowing you to see a flop.

      b) If you rated him as as strong player and only flatting with decent hands .. you had the opportunity to check behind and take a free card.
      He may (or may not) then have only bet 3,200 on the turn or checked again allowing you to fold/call and potentially see the river card for less than it has cost you to eventually fold to a turn bet.

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      Thanks Magic… know what the other day i was watching Moorman play… he was raising almost every hand even from the blind…wonder what he does to have those god like results he he

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      If I could play like I give advice … be great 🙂 … horrendous streak just now just lost with JJ v KQ v KQ on a A J XX board … river was a ten FFS !!

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