Hand Against Celina Lin

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      Eff Stacks : 40 bb.
      Celina : UTG
      ME: CO.

      Player Profiling: Celina plays pretty straight forward tight. We have a played on the same table a few times and she know how I play and I can be quite creative ( read spewy) at times.

      Blinds : 100-200(25).

      Celina opens UTG for 500, folded to me on the CO and I 3 bet to 1500( will discuss sizing thoughts below) with AdKs. She calls.

      Flop: 3d As Jd. Check – Check

      Turn : Td . Celina bets 1600 . Call.

      River : 3c. Celina bets 4000. Action?

      Reason for making it a full 3x pre in position was because she like peeling hands out of position and giving up post. Now when she peels , she never ever has a hand like JT or 9Tss types.. I capped her range at pairs and may be AQ.

      I checked back the flop only because a bet here would fold out her entire range except for AQ. And given the stacks I thought I can stack her on the next 2 streets in case she has AQ.

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      Another thought I had was to bet really small to suck her in… I usually take this line against a lot of players. Would be great if u can gimme thoughts on this as well.

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      kya samoh bhai,
      suck bet maro ni, ms. lin ko…lolsss

      anyway, I don’t play at these baller tournaments but will still give my thoughts and increase my post count 😉 (lol, couldn’t resist this jibe) ..
      Will only call here otr cause of the capped ranges that you gave her only AQ calls which we are ahead of.

      suck bet otf, if it is balanced with history (creative history with her) and all that, it would be good.. but without it think as played is fine imo..

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      Aditya Sushant

      Weird as it seems, I don’t mind a fold on the river. From wat u’ve described her river line wud be purely for value and ur beating only a few combinations of AQ and chopping with AK some of the time.

      Yea definitely leaning towards fold. She raised utg and called ur 3b. Sigh fold though in real time I wud imagine u might hav sigh called which I cant rly fault

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      for me its fold …. as she is very nitty and are few chances of bluff, she can have def have two pairs or more……

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      yeah easy fold (with a sigh) for me too..just seems unlikely that she would over value AQ or AK with a 20 bb river bet despite the river being a total brick..what is a nit getting called from there (considering the pre flop action)..

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      Yep folding on the river but Samohhh think calling pre is better against a tight players UTG range…

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