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      I JUST played an interesting hand with Aditya Sushant, aka Donkabomber at the Aces Unlimited satt that I’d appreciate some feedback on. I almost never play this hand like this, but I’ve seen Aditya play online a lot and we’re friends, so it was very read specific.

      Its important to note here that this was my third open in the last 5 hands at the table, and I had raise-folded to a 3 bet the second time.

      Effective stacks: 100BB

      I open UTG to 90 at 15/30 with 33, and get flatted by the BTN and SB, and Aditya in the BB makes it 300. This is a squeeze I feel Aditya is making VERY often, knowing full well I’m opening a pretty wide range, and as long as I fold, he knows the other two get squeezed into folding often enough to show a healthy profit. Armed with this knowledge, I made it 850, intending to get it in if he 5 bet – this quickly became a game of leveling because I’m pretty sure he knows I know its a great spot for him to squeeze, and I’m 4-betting with my bluff range here a lot. Anyway, he 5 bet to 1495, I jammed and he snapped with AJo. I realize I’m in a flip very often here, but once I 4-bet, the odds I get to get it in against his range are way too good to fold at this point (I THINK). I know I could flat his squeeze in position, but I feel he is double barreling me SO often on dry AND wet boards, that I pretty much have to flop a set to be able to be comfortable getting it in happily, post flop, and I don’t think I’m getting the odds to set mine, pre.


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      Well said Rishabh. I think u worded it beautifully..I was thinking along the exact same lines only inversely. I think both of us played the hand well knowing each others perceived images and our own as well. Although, like I did point out to u, I had just been move to ur table so had no reads on u this tourney.

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      some crazy levelling going on this thread, I dont like the play with 33 just cos even though sushant is a huge spewtard with 33 u are never getting it in better than a coin flip and u cud be easily dominated since I am sure 55 66 are also in sushant’s range here. Folding to squeeze or 4 bet folding both seem fine to me idk about 6 bet shoving and all .

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      Intervention – Guess I need to be folding to 3bet. Pokerstove puts me at a 36-64 underdog to his perceived range, and once he 5bets to 1495 (and is now not folding ATC to a shove imo), I’m putting in 2150 to win 6180, so about 3 to 1 – not sure about 4bet-folding.

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      Jake Witcher

      this all sounds very Gus Hansen to me, creating and manufacturing odds and EV. The difference here is this is very early in the tournament.

      From my point of view im rather against making big pots at this stage of the tournament without a strong holding, whether that is post flop, or turn with poor starting hands is not relevant. Ok so you know or are fairly confident that donkabomber is squeezing here ( a play i am not the greatest fan of this early into unknown opponents for the simple reason what others on the table may be of a low standard to not understand this play and you kinda want this hand to be won without exposure, in my opinion anyway) given the average standard of player this early ina tournament i prefer to use these plays later when they can be used sparingly and to much more value. doesnt make me right, just saying. !

      ok from one point of view if you think hes sqeezing then the reraise from you is to 850 along with the 300 + 90 + 90 already in the pot totals 1330 and 550 more to call. in this spot im not sure Donkabomber can pass here calling and raising are reasonable plays here given both of you have correctly read the situation. Even the stop and go becomes a reasonable play out of position for donkabomber on many flops given the read on your intentions.

      the peice of information we are missing here is under pressure what will Aditya pass to a ‘serious’ bet. say you made it 1100 – 1200 thereby signalling the im not going anywhere statement.

      a flat call of the 300 preflop isnt terrible a you have position and given the percieved range can take a c bet on flop and jam on flop or turn given a wide range of flops,, certainly the c-bet then jam flop looks scary. this however isnt my prefered play

      one nice thing about threes at this stage of the tournament is you can set mine without raising with them very neatly and with good return. one bad thing about threes at this stage is unless you set up with them or something like a 245 board is you are rarely comfortable with them and with blinds at 15/30 hero calls arent realy that worthwhile.

      from one point of view, you already had two callers and as such the hand becomes awkward to play post flop (even if Aditya hadnt got invovled) this is a sat and plays much looser,, blinds are low, we already know your callers rang was very wide, it looks liek your two barreling at least if you miss the flop on this one.

      in my opinion lay this down, let aditya think his squeezes work and relax him, and then look to recreate this spot a few blind levels later for a much bigger return

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