hand from upc main

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      Hand from upc main
      blinds 200/400 ante 25 hero 14k utg 5c7c raises 850
      random player calls from mp stack 25k, bb defends.

      flop Ac4d6d, hero bets 1350, mp calls, bb folds.

      turn 5h do we bet turn or check if we bet than sizing ?

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      I will bet around 2800 here I guess. I think this is a good spot to double barrel. Raise utg and dbl smells a strong ace. U can expect villain to let go all of his middle pairs, maybe fd and weak aces some times.
      Anyways, our hand just got stronger. We should bet and take it down here.

      I do not like check calling a lot as i lose control of the pot.
      I think this might be a good spot to check-shove though

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      +1 Jagdeep

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      Yeah Jagdeep is right.

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      sunny sen

      are u guys 3 barreling here?

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      most prolly no.. looking for turn semi-b to succeed or getting there on river..

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      3 barrel. 3k turn shove river (except if river is ace)

Viewing 6 reply threads
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