High Flying Isildur1 is Shot Down by MrSweets28!

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      Another action packed weekend at PokerStars high stakes PLO tables saw an amazing run of games with Phil Galfond ending up with a half million dollar profit, largely taken from the recently inflated bankroll of Isildur1.

      Click on the results section for yesterday and you will see the three biggest winners are Skjervøy ($200k), closely followed by Phil “MrSweets28” and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom both at around $150k. This really doesn’t tell the whole story however as it was the late sessions Saturday and early sessions Sunday however that altered the shape of the weekends results, which up until then were all about Isildur1.

      An amazing run by Isildur1 in the mornings ring game sessions at one point saw him around $550k to the good, with huge stacks run up on several tables taking large chunks from the likes of Jeans89, socutiesf and Theo J. However, not for the first time Blom was not able to capitalize on his early sessions and through the course of the day managed not only to lose his profits but also a further $200k of his own money. After losing some of his early winnings towards the end of his most profitable session to 1-ronnyr3 (who himself lost $250k later in the day to eradicate his early good results) Blom took a break only to come back after a few hours break to play three further sessions throughout the evening and early morning where he lost nearly $500k, $325k of which he lost in his last 2 hour session. A disastrous $700k swing in fortunes for the young Swede.

      Phil Galfond aka “Mrsweets28”

      Although Blom lost some in the ring games to the likes of Skjervøy he lost by far the most in several heads up sessions vs Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond which vastly contributed to Galfonds $500k in winnings since yesterday. This is not the first huge session Blom has lost to Galfond who is almost universally recognised as one of the the very best PLO players in the world today with millions in online winnings and a WSOP PLO bracelet earned in his short yet illustrious career so far.

      Inevitably these sessions prompted poker forums to go into overdrive as throughout the day he was hailed a genius, a luckbox, a degenerate and everything in between. What is not in dispute however is his undoubted ability to entertain the railbirds – all hoping for another million dollar session one way or the other. Early this morning Blom was seen briefly at the $25/$50 tables, perhaps attempting to rebuild his roll for another shot at the big-time

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      Sujith Raj

      omgclayaiken is a monster in plo !

      in one of the interviews he has said he started loving plo after reading Jeff Hwang’s book.

      if anyone needs an e-copy of it let me know. i have it with me.

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      Galfond is a true genius in many formats of Poker. We are sure many PG members follow his game for tips!

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      hey mate would luv a copy..

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      Aditya Sushant

      send me the copy too. [email protected]

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      Sujith Raj

      check ur mail aditya ,

      slammyjammy ur id ?

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      Sujith Raj

      enjoy shawn

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