High Stakes: Isildur1 wins $223,000 against Ilari Sahamies

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      After the impressing $150k win against Terje “terken89” Augdal last Sunday,

      Viktor Blom had another big winning session already the night after. This time the young gun took on Finland’s very own high stakes star Ilari “Ziigmund”/”Ilari FIN” Sahamies.

      They started the match on two Omaha PL $50/$100 tables and ended up about even before they decided to only play 1 table. Isildur1 quickly took the lead and Sahamies kept on adding $25,000 to his stack. After some time both players had quite deep stacks and it was just a matter of time before a big hand would occur.

      Ilari FIN bet $300 from the button, Isildur1 raised to $900. Ilari FIN re-raised to $2,700, Isildur1 called. The flop came down 5h2h9d and Isildur1 checked. Ilari Fin betted $5,399, Isildur1 raised to $21,598. Ilari FIN re-raised to $70,193, and Isildur1 went all-in. Ilari FIN called.

      Ilari FIN Kh9h2dQs – flush draw and two pair
      Isildur1 4d9c8s5s – two pair

      The turn card was the Ac – followed by the river card Jc. Isildur1 took home the pot of $214,811 with two pair (9s and 5s).

      The hand above ended up being largest pot in the session between Blom and Sahamies, which ended after 632 hands with Blom as the winner ($223k plus). Even though Viktor Blom was the better player this time, Sahamies stood for the best bluff.

      Isildur1 had the small blind and betted $300. Ilari FIN raised to $900, and Isildur1 called. Ilari FIN checked the flop 5d9dQh and Isildur1 betted $1,799. Ilari FIN called. The turn card was the 3s and Ilari FIN checked. Isildur1 betted $5,398 and Ilari FIN called. The Kh landed on the river and Ilari FIN once again checked. Isildur1 betted $16,195, Ilari FIN went all-in for $27,451. Isildur1 folded and Ilari FIN took home the $48,587 pot and showed 10d7s6d10s.

      Let’s hope that Sahamies gets a rematch soon!

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      vishal nayak

      is he a maniac!

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Yes. Fame well deserved in my opinion.

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