High Stakes: Isildur1 won almost $290,000 last week

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      It’s high time to take a look at last week’s high stakes games online. Yes, even though the 42nd annual World Series of Poker is running at the moment – there are still some action at Full Tilt and PokerStars nosebleed tables. Viktor “Isildur1” Blom had a nice $150,000 win against Rui “PeppersoniF” Cao on Sunday last week. And he also ended up being the biggest winner of the previous week with a profit of $287,653.

      Another Swede that did well last week was Fredrik “[email protected]££INGGOL” Halling – a well-known profile at PokerStars who fell victim of false suicide rumors back in 2008. Anyhow, [email protected]££INGGOL is clearly alive and on top of his poker career right now. Last week he won $206,548 and placed 4th on the TOP 5 winners list.

      Last week’s TOP 5 winners and losers:
      Isildur1, $287 653
      therooster35, $268 807
      NoPasaran, $227 598
      [email protected]££INGGOL, $206 548
      insyder19, $172 286

      Esvedra, -$381 524
      kobeyard85, -$359 970
      Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies, -$156 520
      Roberta114, -$151 679
      FinnishNightmre, -$136 219

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