High Stakes: Sahamies wins the biggest pot ever played at PokerStars

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      The high stakes games at PokerStars are getting wilder and better every day, and last night many got to witness the biggest pot ever played on the site! The record pot took place on a $200/$400 table and it was Ilari Sahamies, “Skjervoy” and “bernard-bb” who created it. Below you can see how the hand was played out.

      Ilari FIN bet 1,400, Skjervoy and bernard-bb called.

      Flop came out Ks2h3s

      bernard-bb was first to act and he checked. Ilari FIN bet $4,595, and Skjervoy raised to $18,380. bernard-bb and Ilari FIN called. The turn card was the 9h and both bernard-bb and Ilari FIN checked. Skjervoy went all in for $10,428, and bernard-bb raised to $91,019. Ilari FIN called. The 3h landed on the river. bernard-bb went all in with his remaining $84,810 and Ilari FIN called.

      bernard-bb Ad2dAs7s
      Ilari FIN Kh4cAh6h
      Skjervoy mucked his hand.

      Ilari FIN took home the approximately $428,000 pot with flush ace high.

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