hit top pair on turn, get shoved into, wet-ish board.

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      Poker Stars $5.00+$0.50 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t15/t30 Blinds – 9 players – View hand 1956003
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      A.E.PGR195 (UTG+2): t2940 98 BBs
      René Nielsen (MP1): t2985 99.50 BBs
      tmb_eKS (MP2): t3120 104 BBs
      Victor VCK (CO): t3000 100 BBs
      AVN011 (BTN): t2520 84 BBs
      holgao (SB): t3495 116.50 BBs
      Kirikic (BB): t3000 100 BBs
      Hero (UTG): t3000 100 BBs
      piranhaa012 (UTG+1): t2940 98 BBs

      Pre Flop: (t45) Hero is UTG with A Q
      Hero raises to t90, , AVN011 calls t90,

      Flop: (t225) 3 J T (2 players)
      Hero bets t99, AVN011 calls t99

      Turn: (t423) Q (2 players)
      Hero checks, AVN011 bets t2331 all in, Hero calls t2331

      thoughts guys?

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      That’s a huge shove, easy fold from my side if I have no reads on the player. He can easily have JQ, QT,K9. I am not sure about AK as he would have raised pre-flop with that.

      You called, I would have not.

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      probably d guy called preflop 3bet wid 89 suited, on d flop he had open ender so called, n on d turn he got his straight, shoved may b bcos he mst kv kept hero on ace wid ten or jack n didnt wntd hero to c d river

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      I will always call here. Most of the times he will have a flush or st8 draw or both

      Why did u check turn?

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      Sachin Sinha

      Without any reads, it’s an easy call IMO. Hero shows weakness on the turn and the villain shoves. Hands we are ahead of include flush draws, straight draws, pair-draw combos, and complete air. Hands we are behind include two pairs, straight, and set. Overall, I think we are doing pretty good against villain’s range. In fact, I think hero checked the turn to invite a bet from the villain and now that we got one, it’s a snap call.

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      Arjun Parmar

      turn check was bad imo… he is shoving with draws here most of the times… as played call

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      Satchit Kapur

      snap call…looks like he has pair flush draw or kq….and dsnt wanna give u a free card..just incase u hve a draw..and unlikely to hve a strait..as he wuld bet for value…

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      Rajit Kumar

      y such a small c-bet on dat wettish board Vinay??i would bet abt 3/4th pot..,also double barrell on dat board almost always..if I am checking the turn den m always doing it wid d intention to fold to a bet on dat board..its always better to bet urself in such situations imo…I check only wid a monster to induce..Calling dat huge shove I m nt always sure if i have d best hand…but i dnt c myself folding here..since u hav posted here..lemme guess..u lost d hand..wat did he have..QT or QJ?

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      snap fold….and raise turn
      pot is 400 and he is betting 2300ish….way early in tourny to take such risks with TPTK

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      c/b, yeah could have gone a lil bigger.. (not 3/4th though.. )

      ott, i went for some pot control.. but it turned into an induce.. as the villain jammed.. I called, V had Q9o..

      I held with AQ.. (kind of decided to balance my posts with some wins v losses so that everybody does not think since its a post it must be a loss and say fold… skews the opinions ….lol)..

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      Perfectly played hand for the micros.

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