How to get your confidence back after a series of bad beats?

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      Having going through a very bad phase of poker last month, I decided to take a break for a month so I can re-think my strategy and have a new start and with a strict bankroll management. It was a very good start for me as it took just three days to double my bankroll. It was like very easy, playing 20 sng 2.50 turbo 180 daily and I started getting my confidence back until a series of bad beats and I mean very bad, made me to tilt again.

      Last night was a terrible one for me, it was like I was never going to win a single hand. It was so terrible, there was not a single table where I didn’t have a bad beat. I mean its ok, bad beats are part of poker, but then when you get bad beats back to back hand after hand in a such a short period, how does it feel like? Infact I wasn’t upset at all, all the beats made me smile 🙂 .

      Ok now let me share some of my bad beats which all happened in just one hour.

      I was dealt KK blinds 150/300 ante 25, I was pretty short stacked I shoved in, BB calls with his AQo and makes a pair of Ace on river. Then at the same time, other table, I was dealt 1010 I was UTG, I raised it to 800 blinds 200/400 ante 50, next to me shoves all in with his 7Jo(he was short stacked) and he makes a pair of Jacks on the river :). The very next hand I was dealt QQ, LP2 2x raises and I shove all in and he shows 107o :D. Flop was 9KJ rainbow, turn Q 🙂 and no help for me on river and I get busted again :).
      Other table, I was dealt KK, everyone folds to me on SB I just made 2x raise since the BB was playing very tight, he calls, flop 8h5dQc, I made 2x raise again, he re-raises and I go all in and he shows his Qh7h, turn Ah, river no surprise 5h and he makes a flush on the river, I bust again 😡
      Then I was dealt AA, I was SB, two limps, I make it 4x raise 120 and they call. Flop 8J2, I bet 150, one calls and the other folds, turn was 8, I check he checks too, river 7 and I bet 50 % of the pot and he calls and shows his 109o and makes a straight and I busted very soon 😡
      Then hands like A9 vs 10J flop 549, turn 3, river J 🙂 Few hands later that same person shoves with his 810s and I call with AQo and 8 on the river 🙂
      Then we had a 3 way action, I had A3s I shoved since I was very short stacked, 2 more people go all in, Flop – AcJc6s and I make a pair, turn and river both clubs and the other guy makes a flush.
      And many other hands like A9 vs J9, A10 vs 108 and not winning them, its like nothing was going right for me. And all these beats happened in just one hour, it was unbelievable. Also there was a situation where I had 88, I shoved all in and the other guy calls with 55 and I considered myself very lucky winning that hand :p because the way it was going, it was like am not gonna win a single hand.

      Ofcourse there is no way you can avoid bad beats but what my main concern is how to get your confidence back? What would you do to bring back your confidence? Taking a break helps a lot, but then its not the first time I am going through this, I take a break I do well for few days and then again my bad period comes through and I get tilt. Also, I dont play much mtts because you need to have a lot of luck to reach the final table(imo) and a lot of patience which I dont have. And also I dont play more than 4 tables at a time.

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      Sujith Raj

      Buddy-rather soul mate(i aint gay :p, i feel ur pain and im going thru it “regularly”, thats right r-e-g-u-l-a-r-l-y, consistently, u can use all the synonymous)

      nothing u can do, pros here will cry for volume, more volume – well thts it period. play more get bad beaten more and “hope” that ur “timing” is good and ur biggies holds up and when u do have that set or straight the other donks did have monsters so as to double and triple u up in critical spots.

      regarding roi in mtts/180s/sngs i had made a post earlier with a link to a simulation done to a pro’s stats. in the long run u are at best a 30% ROI player, that means:
      if u are a regular at 2.5$ 180s – u need to play 400 of those games to make 300$ at best. It just like bb/100 in ring games where 15bb/100 is not sustainable just like that.

      our (micro/low stakes) only, again, “hope/faith” is that we win consistently so as to move up in stakes, if anyone has done it in micro/low stakes – check out their volume in opr/sharkscope – they will be as close to a brain dead volume grinder zombie as there will be .

      and if it may make u feel a little better, pros call it variance (whatever hands u mentioned above), but at this consistent level i call it system detection, such an algorithm is easy to be incorporated.

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      Sujith Raj

      have a poster of whatever u want – sportsbike, dreamgirl, tour the world, learn helicopter/fixed wing etc etc just infront of u and look at it everytime u go thru insane beats to keep ur sanity in check at the same time realize why u are going thru such hardship and pain 😉

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      @Anuj: Bad beats are unfortunately a part of this game. My suggestion when running bad is take a break and come back re-charged ready to suck -out on others 🙂

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      Sujith Raj

      anuj if you are looking this as a side income i will suggest some sngs for you.

      try those 18 man NL Omaha hi/lo turbos – stakes 7$ and 15$ – first 4 places paid – if u can finish top 2 – there is some nice juice there.
      7$ is pretty soft, idiots pushing with anything and they get tilted easily, pretty easy to reach one amongst 6 or 7 players left (checkout my sharkscope stats – filter by game). from then on, u need to be pretty aggressive and win a fare share of coinflips. doable.

      i did some reading on it, some say you need 200 – buyins.

      if you can shell out 700 bucks (100 buyins). play 10 sngs per day for a month and see how it goes.
      if you are atleast a more than an avg player u should be able to win – (10*7)*30 * 20% = 420 – 500$ and in 3-4 months time u can start taking shots at 15$.

      BUT (too many buts huh?) AGAIN,
      at any time there will be 5-7 regs and if you check their stats, its mind boggling, more than 10K sngs etc and some do more than 25 tables at a time 3.5, 7 and 15, whatever hi/lo buyin they can get their hands on. pure grinders.

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      Jake Witcher

      Ok, i havent read all the replies, so if i cover anythign that has been said before please excuse me.

      Bad beats happen,, they will always happen and they will happen more often the more you play. (indeed the better you get the more you get of them) I have been victim of the sickest beats, i have dealt (litterally) the most extreem of beats and seen them all.

      The only method i managed to find that worked for me is to analyse the hands, evaluate my play and if i did things right then i was happy as in theory i made money

      there is an story about Phil Laak and Antonio esfandiari, they were in London and a guy who knew Phil’s reputation for a bit of a gamble came up to Antonio to arrange a gamble with Phil, he wanted to play heads or tails for $1000 (dotn quote me on exact amount) and would pay $100 for the chance to do so,,, he was offering Phil Laak $100 per flip to play heads or tails with him (he would only pay the $100 if he lost!)
      Phill accepted the bet,, and chose heads,, it came up tails, Phil paid the guy and then the gambler left.
      Phil, who as it happens only had $1k in cash on him and so was disapointed he had no more money, thanked Antonio for making him $50 (the average expected profit given the 50/50 nature of the proposition)

      i always remeber that as when i played the hand properly,, regardless of result, in theory i made money

      you cant be results orientated, as with all things in life, things can be done properly and just not work on any given occasion. even some well known brands / high street chans actually lose money on some days of the week (Pizza hut may only have 20 orders for delivery on a monday and so lose money on costs and wages and product etc etc) but in the long run the business is profitable and makes money,, never on any given day but over the months or year,, they cash in.

      yes bad beats happen, and the more you play the more you get,, yes they will come in chunks,, there is no rule that says they have to be spaced out,, and yes it is possible to be a long term unlucky player (you can do everythin right but you simply wont repeat certain massively influential situation enough to have things break even).

      but if you look bac and did the right thing,, trhen thats all you cna do and yu should (IF) you have looked back openly and honestly,, take comfort fromt hat ,, and that the play you made was profitable and in the long run made you money.

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      Sujith Raj

      all said and done, i would love to be the guy who played his 143rd tourney in his entire career and scooped a wcoop or placed top 3 in a sunday million rather than a guy who invested his own 20,000$ tourney after tourney only to see he has just broke even after his 15420th tourney with a 15K win.

      you have to win more than a fare share of coin flips, your monsters need to hold, when u have that set others should have top2/bottom set so as to double-triple you up in critical spots etc to win a tourney.

      when you have no major tourney win under your belt and while expecting all this to happen its pretty disheartening to see buyin after buyin washed down the drain even if all those moves earned you sklansky bucks, oh yeah +EV moves all the time ! results : low energy, negative expectations, you call the cards/and they materialize as bad beats, list goes on…..

      unabomber/magician – luckboxes – they got crippled in HSP, they were like a toad under a steam roller when dwan n the rest ran over the them. i feel, they ran well in a major tourney or two and thats all they needed, got staked thereafter/got signed up to a poker room along with some porn stars oh yeah cash flow begins……

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      omg I forgot this thread.

      thank you guys for the suggestions 🙂

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      Nice to see that the confidence is back…Now to go in and win $$$$ 🙂

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      Yup I am running good not because of my luck but because of my better play over the last few days.

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      by not being result oriented..

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