"I once lost almost $4.7 million in a session that only lasted a few hands!

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      After almost 5 months of complete silence, Viktor Blom has finally done his second interview since he reveled himself as ‘Isildur1’ – the mystery swede that the whole poker world has been talking about since 2009. In the interview, Blom speaks out about his aggressive style of playing poker, his future plans and the rumors claiming that he’s broke.

      Viktor Blom, 20, is known to be an aggressive, unafraid poker player who can win and lose huge amounts of money in no-time. In fact he was involved in 4 of the 5 biggest pots in online history when he played at Full Tilt Poker.

      “I have an extremely aggressive style of playing poker. I like to put pressure on my opponents,” says Blom and continues…

      “I once lost almost $4.7 million in a session that only lasted a few hours.

      Viktor Blom’s online results has been far from good this year, and he hasn’t cashed in a single live tournament since PokerStars took him under their wing. Blom is fully aware that he’s far from a complete poker player, and that is something he’s not ashamed of talking about either.

      “This and last year I think I have lost some, but I built up a nice bankroll after I turned 18. I don’t want to comment on my personal finances, but I have enough money.”

      “I’m one of the best NLH heads-up players in the world. However, I haven’t done so well in live tournaments so far in my career. But I have learnt a lot this year and I think I will do much better next season.”

      20-year-old Viktor Blom has no plans whatsoever of retiring from playing poker in the next few years. But even though he probably never has to take a 9-5 job, he’s still thinking of going back to school.

      “It’s still very fun and I can make money, have flexible working hours and travel a lot. I will continue playing poker as much as I do now for quite some time. But I think I will start studying again in a few years. Something fun, but not sure what. I will continue playing poker though. It’s such great fun

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      Sujith Raj

      nice read
      they are highly talented, have super imagination, real sharp skills – no doubt, respect and hats off to them

      But, but……..

      i don’t believe these high profile players reached where they are now with their own money.

      they were or still are heavily staked by the unknowns (possibly money launderers, mafia, black markets – so they aren’t afraid to lose millions and can be highly creative with their play)
      5 million dollar swings outta pocket still not broke…does he own some company ? where is the cash inflow from ?

      just my thoughs, not flaming against u bro.

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