Ilari Sahamies to "Skjervoy": "kill yourself ugly nit"

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      Ilari “Ziigmund”/”Ilari_FIN” Sahamies has done it again. This time, the Finnish poker pro attacked Anderas “Skjervoy” Torbergsen at PokerStars nosebleed tables. Ziigmund was playing heads-up with another player when “Skjervoy” wrote in the chat that he wanted to play heads-up. Ziigmund, who wasn’t running so well at that point, found it so disturbing that he threatened to hit him and also told him things like “kill yourself ugly nit”. Below is the full chat conversation.

      Skjervøy: Lets play

      Skjervøy: Zigh

      Ilari_FIN: I hit you when I see you

      Ilari_FIN: I never let you play hu if you want

      Skjervøy: im as scared as you are on the tables

      Skjervøy: I respect hu if booth want hu only

      Skjervøy: I even sat out to wait and check

      Ilari_FIN: if someone say he wanna play hu I never go to broke that hu

      Skjervøy: lets play

      Ilari_FIN: kill yourself

      Ilari_FIN: ugly nit

      Ilari_FIN: fat

      Skjervøy: Me neither Ive way more etiquette then you

      socutiesf: fin hu?

      Ilari_FIN: yes

      socutiesf: ok

      Ilari_FIN: but I think that moron doesn’t let us play

      Skjervøy: obvs I will

      Skjervøy: Im not like you

      Ilari_FIN: ok ty

      Ilari_FIN: then

      Ilari_FIN: I take my words back

      Ilari_FIN: im sry

      Skjervøy: Im leaving

      Skjervøy: gg

      Skjervøy: can we play 1 hu

      Skjervøy: either FIN or socu?

      Ilari_FIN: u r too nit for me

      Skjervøy: says the biggest nit on the site

      Skjervøy: Worlds best checker

      Skjervøy: betting is scary

      Skjervøy: as is playing me hu

      Skjervøy: leaving after this hand

      Skjervøy: have fun

      Skjervøy: find me if u want to play

      Skjervøy: GL socu

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      mohit sharma

      I guess he is so very frustrated after loosing 1million to Isildur1 🙂

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