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      suraj chaddi

      how much speed shd be internet for better play on online poker………

      1)256kbs browsing speed(25kbps donload sped)
      2)512kbs browsing speed(55kbps download sped)
      3)1 mbps or more browsing(100 kbps or more download sped)

      currently i have 512 plan..and i fell sometimes its slower to install softwares…………

      share ur internet speeds here…

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Installing software is a one time exercise and I feel a 512 KBPS plan is good enough. What I strongly suggest is a back-up internet connection in case of emergencies especially if your primary connection is prone to disconnect even momentarily.

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      I am looking for a back-up internet connection. I keep getting disconnected and reconnected every 5-10 mins and this effects my concentration and I start losing because of my frustration. Also I complaint this problem to bsnl and their babus were of no use. I dont want to terminate bsnl as it is the only isp where you can download as much as you want with the same speed. So am looking for a secondary connection, plans like pay as much as you use will be very much suitable for me as I cant afford for an additional internet connection. Any suggestions?

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      Sujith Raj

      anuj buddy, i have this problem at times, i use tata photon stupid plus connection and bandwidth gets drop down to zero. what i do is i connect my phone and continue on.

      so if u have gprs activated in ur phone with edge facility just put it on. low cost life saver.

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      Rajat Agarwal

      I find MTS stick quite reliable as compared to Tata Photon.

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