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      Hello everyone,

      I have just started this topic for any and all members to give a short introduction about themselves so, everybody can know each other better.

      Guys, I’m Arnab “The Axeman” from Kolkata and presently i am pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Genetics. Poker has been an old hobby of mine but, i just never found enough takers here in Kolkata, so, i moved on to Bridge. But, now i am up and running now.

      And for people wondering about the Axeman name well, i am the only LUTHIER in Kolkata and as many would know that guitarists often call their guitars AXEs.

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      Sourav Roy

      Wellcome 2 pokerguru and wellcome 2 the world of poker.hope u will enjoy our games………

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      Sourav Roy

      hi i’am ROY from kolkata…and i just hv strtd my pro poker carrier…thnks 2 all of those people who r tryng 2 improve this site more more and much………i hope all the users(I’am also a user) will b helpful with those tips…..

      Thnks and regards
      Sourav Roy

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      Siddarth Singhvi

      Hi Everyone…I’m Siddarth, a software engineer from Hyderabad. Got introduced to the game a couple of years back and have been gripped to it since then. Developed my skills by playing a lot online through virtual chips and listening to Mike Sexton. Long way to go though. Recently participated in my first ever live tournament-IPS held in Goa. My Fav. Tournament Players: Mike the Mouth, Kid Poker and Allen Cunnigham.
      Looking forward to participate in many more tournaments in future. Hopefully Live Poker is here to stay in India now.

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      hey there… my name is Pavaanjeet…
      am relatively new to online poker.. but the past couple of weeks made a few hundred dollars online 😉

      i got introduced to poker when i had gone overseas for studies/work.. kinda got an addiction to it with friends and then later at casinos in south east asia…

      still learning though… have had close friends and WPT videos guiding me to improve my skills…
      now has been a gr8 source to help sharpen my plays…

      my online avatar is PAVANISHERE (Pavan Is Here) 😉

      hope to clash heads on with u guys soon…

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      hi my name is umesh..

      i play poker as a hobby…
      started during my MBA days… where plp called me Poker Bhagwan 🙂

      am excellent at reading poker hands… so beware when u bluff..

      my online id on 888 is UMESHKP

      take care

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      Hey, My name is seshank

      My 888 id is symbinizam
      My city is Hyderabad

      Edit- Sorry, Gave the wrong username >:(.Corrected now

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      conscious and kolkata

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      hello guys this is danish from goa….i am a student and i feel u learn poker easily but it will take a lifetime to master it

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      hello guys i was not aware that we have to tell everything about yourself,ok i am danish i started playing poker forthe past few yaers and i feel its not an easy game,i am a student of bcom and i want to get rich famous and i dont think there’s any option other than poker…….lets see…….ok my username is danishshaikh and i am residing in goa cheers guys see you on the table..

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      Iam Kunal Chandra from Delhi.. i play online under the alias kcdesi on most of the sites.. I prefer playing live events and most recent of my cashes has been the IPS 25k held in oct 2010 where I finished 1st.. I am fairly irregular at online poker and would like to play this more often now.. hope to see everyone online at the tables.. cheers!

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      harsh borar

      hello friends,

      I am Harsh Borar from Kolkata, I am into poker since last four years and just love this game like anything. My wish is to play poker professionally for India someday. I think pokerguru is doing an amazing work by bringing all poker fans together, by providing all relevant news and updates under one roof and i think we should try to promote poker and pokerguru as much as possible.


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      HI, IAM SHAAZY712 just heard about this site and glad to join. good luck to all .i will be around for avery long time ..and keep up the good works…ty

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      hey guys, this is SAM from bangalore. im playing poker for 2 years, i play sometimes online but usually i play poker with my friends. never played a big live tournament before so im hoping to win my seat in the freeroll!

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      hey, good day to everyone =) 😉

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      Hi My name is FANUTZ90

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      Simon Mint

      Hi Folks! This is BabyShark from Chennai. Just wondering if there are any poker players from Chennai.


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      Hi ev1 im from Delhi and been playing online poker for about 3 years as a hobby.
      i like a good game and feel really nice to find a forum for indian players.
      cya all on tables 😉

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      Hi Friend
      Im Remesh from kerala …..Ive been to Goa before but never got th chance to visit casino Royale…hoping to do it this november…..Im a poker enthusiast n me and my friends are running an underground poker platform in kerala(just a small one).

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      Hello Everyone,
      Here is some info on acesunlimited freeroll:
      The PokerGuru Freeroll to be held on 24th Oct (Sunday) at 6pm IST is live now. Complete details on registration for the freeroll has been posted on the forum at : .
      You need to register yourself (free) at and make atleast one forum post to see the contents of the thread.3 seats to the Aces Unlimited Event 1 and $300 cash prizes up for grabs. FREE ENTRY!!
      check out: for all event details

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      heey guyzz

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      Mrinal Manna

      Hi guys ace here.I have been playing poker for almost 2 years i guess,only online though lol.Im glad to join your forum.Thank you and good luck at the tables.

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      hello everyone..richestuser here… playing poker since 10 years or so…. gud luck to everyone..

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      Mehul Nisar

      hi guys.. just joined the site.. have been a online player for the last 3 yrs.. looking forward to live action..

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      Hey cdbr3799 very nice winnings on online poker. You must be a very good player. 🙂

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      Myron Pereira

      im myron from goa…prefer high stakes cash games to tournament poker 🙂

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      evans martin

      hi, this is bnz from india. just started few weeks back n looking forward to playing live.

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      hello guys…gautam frm kolkata…just played poker for first time nd thnk gonna get addicted to it

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      Hello everyone, my Name is Silvio and I am playing poker over 3 years, mostly online poker. I love to play poker and learn, improve my style everyday. I am glad to join this community and learn good things from other more experienced poker players.

      My Victor Chandler username: SilvioStar1
      My ftp username: SilvioStar

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      Hi Guys…..

      I am Bharat Agarwalla. I do not play poker online. I do play home games at my own place in Kolkata. I do sometimes visit Goa for some poker action.

      I am the face of India Poker Series and my profile on facebook is

      IPS or India Poker Series can be loaced on the facebook as

      Check us and become our member at

      Btw, I love to play Omaha Hi Lo in comparison to Texas Hold’em.



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      but i heard IPS dint turn out to be huge….
      small field it was….
      and mastermind was not even close to intervention….

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      You are absolutely right based on your information that the IPS dint turn out to be huge…..the field was surely small…..I guess IPS is not so popular based on the flack it is drawing……seems a personalised attack since the last 30 days…..quite much indicative of what the origin of the problem could be…..

      Who was close to whom is a question that cannot be answered by me as I am not qualified to answer that…..

      Personally I do not crib after an event……everything about IPS is in the open…..our structure is uploaded on our website while the expected field size was given by me in an interview to PokerGuru and we got 10% more on both the days……

      Thanks for the kind words……..I do not wish to enter into arguement which has no basis……..and will refrain from this forum henceforth……

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      Hey guys,

      This is Abhisek. I have been playing poker for nearly a year. Will try to contribute to this forum. 🙂

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      vipul jain


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      Hi guys! My name is Martin and i play as a1ias on Pokerstars. I will be making small stakes SNG-videos for Pokerguru and I’ll do my best to answer questions/comments you guys might have.

      Talking poker is a good way to improve your game. Don’t do the mistake of not asking if you got something on your mind. No one knows everything and we have to learn from each other!

      Lately I’ve put some hours into beating the small stakes MTT SNG’s (180 players) on stars and done good so far. The majority of my games is in the $2.20/180’s and my first series will cover this limit. There is no doubt that with some guidance and knowledge of how to approach the game you can be a winner in these games. But like everything else, nothing comes for free, so you will have to put in some efforts and learn basic concepts and fundamentals about SNG play. I will do my best to explain how i approach the game.

      Here’s my Sharkscope graph for $2-$4 / 180’s on stars so far.

      Anyway, i’ll be around so let me know if there’s anything on your mind! Take care!

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      Hello all !!! My name is Alexandre nice to meet you all.Cheers

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      Hello !!! I`m Raghav ,glad i become member of pokerguru community.

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      Anil George

      Hi All,

      My Name is Joery im from the Netherlands, Im busy in the pokerworld for over 4 years now. Playing a lot of online sit en goes.
      And im hoping this way I can help some friends around the world with improving their game!

      Regards Berktoppie

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      I’m Anirvana from Kolkata. Chef, guitarist and just a new face in the world of poker.

      P.S. – I am the little brother of “The Axeman” and childhood friend of “Ace.Roy2025”. They got me in the game.



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      i m ankush kumar from new delhi.
      good Luck

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      hey guyz my name is Alok Birewar(APB1989) n i m from Ahmedabad…Not many guys who play poker here so i hav to do just with online poker… Am relatively new to poker just 3 months or so…and m trying to learn it watching WPT and WSOP…hope to reach there one day..cheers

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      I am Randers from the land of Randonia.

      There are some great tools located here and I thank the owners of the site for the resources.

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      ravi teja

      hi, i am ravi from chennai and i am a complete newbie to poker

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      I am Aryan from Kolkata and have just started playing poker with alias nikhilroc.M a engineering student and play poker for fun.

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      Welcome to the PokerGuru Community Nikhil!

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      vijay handa

      Hi everyone

      I’m dilara from pune and have started playing since the past 2 weeks. have made some money playing online and a couple of home games. Wish all the best to all the members of…. See you at the tables!!!

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      Am Arpit from Lucknow.. Just a poker newbie…
      Though I have been a card player since long, but started to learn poker recently…

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Welcome to the PokerGuru community Dilara and Arpit!

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      Poker Guru

      Welcome to the community everyone!

      Do let us know if you need any help on the site. We will be glad to assist you!

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      Welcome to the PokerGuru community Dilara and Arpit!

      Welcome to the community everyone!

      Do let us know if you need any help on the site. We will be glad to assist you!

      TY Rajat and PG

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      How is the Poker Scene in Lucknow Arpit?

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      aniceboy here, didn’t know this site existed, great job guys. This can only grow as will the popularity and numbers of successful players from India.

      Been playing for a couple years now, managed a relatively small profit on PS so far, looking towards more in the weeks to come especially with the WCOOP :-)…

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      Hello ”aniceboy” welcome to the community we are glad to have you on board. Its good to know that you have made some profit well good luck for the WCOOP keep grinding…:)

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      Great blog Anuj

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