Is top pair fold ?

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      At a recent live tournament

      Blinds: 300 / 600
      Antes: 75

      I open pot from UTG+2 (17000 chips) with Kc Js 1400 … hijack calls (14000 chips) … SB calls (23000 chips) …. BB calls (20000 chips)

      Flop is: Ks 2c 3d

      SB checks … BB checks … I bet 3600 … Hijack folds … SB calls … BB folds

      Turn is : 6c

      SB checks … I check behind

      River is : 9c

      SB bets 6000 … What would be the right move here ??

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      No, I don’t really think you can fold here given that your hand looks a lot like some random Ace which gave up after your c-bet was called. I am not really seeing what kind of hand the SB has that could have made a flush here, and he’s bluffing much more often than he randomly rivers a set or whatever.

      Nice hand, well played (if you called).

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      Edit, just saw stack sizes…jam turn for value is better I think, because you have only a pot size bet left anyway, and KJ is miles ahead of his range on that turn, and I think its better to just valueshove the turn against the kind of villain who flats from the Sb here. More often than not, you will stack his KT, K9 or whatever, and though he did bet river, you cant really count on that happening.

      As played call river (and not shove) because he never folds better and I don’t think he’s calling too many worse hands.

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      Didnt jam turn cos calling my c-bet there showed he got connected to the flop. Tank – called the river … he showed a set of deuces.

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      cbet smaller on the dry flop.. check check turn good.. close eyes & call river.. :-).. we discussed it earlier as well.. the only tweak imo would be .. smaller cbet size..

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      I think you should have folded pre flop already.. KJo is a difficult hand to play with, especially from early position. SB could have easily played with KQ or a small pair is my first thought (and made a set on flop), but also hands like 45s, AcXc, or maybe even AK are quite possible.
      I think your bet on flop was good. But I think I would have check called or check raised on that flop… mostly for information.
      I don’t think you should have checked on turn.. he either wanted a free turn card by betting on flop or he have a playable hand..?
      infobet maybe?? not sure..
      on river, I think you should fold, to make the call there is just a hero call … there are tonnes of possible better hands, flushes, straights, sets, etc,etc.. But then again, check-check on turn could have indicated weakness from your side, and villain might try to steal on river..

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