Jasven Saigal gets the Bad Beat Jackpot!!!

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      Co-Director of Aces Unlimited, Jasven Saigal has done it.

      He got a massive Bad Beat on Thursday at Casino Royale, to take down the Jackpot worth over 16 Lacs … Well Done!!!

      Jasven had AA
      Flop is A T 3
      Turn is K
      River is K

      Hero turns over KK’s


      Hero gets over 6 Lacs, and the rest of the table gets around 1.5 Lacs each …

      Now, this is 1 Bad Beat Jasven won’t crib about.


      Aces Unlimited – http://www.acesunlimited.net
      Tournament in Sol Poker Room, Casino Pride Goa from 25th-28th August.

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      Poker Guru

      Way to go Jasven

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Paaaaaaaarty time

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      congrats jasven u owe us a treat 🙂

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