just can’t sustain winning habit – soul broken – need to get a life- this aint worth

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      Sujith Raj

      it all starts with me getting AA against KK and K comes obviously . then it just wont stop.

      somehow system detects i have much real money balance from tourneys and past ring games and create such scenarios where only a moron will fold and gives the other player runner runner…… all these are all in on flop

      i feel it/system/pokerstars categorizes players into good-bad, and it offers insane beats to good players to offer pots to bad ones, so that they feel confident tht they can win and they come for more. just take money from better players – distribute to bad ones – so that they can rake even more. the bad ones anyway will push money into the pot.

      do u have the feeling that no matter how good ur hands are , no matter how good u get ur money in some days u just cant win – its system playing against u.

      im done !!

      gl all !!

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      Poker Guru

      What do you play mostly ? Tourneys or Ring Games or SNG`s?

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      Sujith Raj

      I don’t know what this is, possibly a post to myself. tips or suggestions definitely welcome:

      I guess i’m not addressing the root cause properly.

      I usually deposit 20-30$ play 1-5$ tournies (usually plo, plo hi-lo) with focus final table a few and work it upto 250-300$, then I begin to play higher buyin tournies 10$+ and rebuys (2-5$) , I see my diminishing roll and begin to take shots at cash games (i know the amount of hands required to make say x amount at xbb/100) to replenish my roll, does go my way initially then “so called variance” happens and I spew my bank roll away. (i wudnt be tilting, no matter how much im down – say i have a set on the flop, board has flush and straight draws i do pot control before getting my money in)

      Cash games:
      I usually tend to check the players, in pTR, who have sucked out on me. Most of them will be like -15,000 down at -14-25bb/100 such idiots and my psychotic thinking process starts, why ? why ? why ? why me ?? bad luck again ? n again ? and again ???. now, we all know if these idiots continue to play this way, in the long run I will be big winner, but that aint just happening I see them sucking out even more (may be unless n until we have put in 250,000 hands ? 500,000 hands atleast).

      I’m not too concerned about the money that I have lost, only thing is, i get in good and they sucked out on me. I’m not saying I havent, I have too, but lets say they did 8/10 times, i have sucked out 2/10 times, now one can argue you tend to remember bad beats than blah blah…. sorry not to me buddy.

      My only concern is about the hours that I put in with total concentration and to see all my chips eaten away coz some moron likes to play bingo. I should have been up but no, system just wont allow me to be so, no never ever. (u all have your share of IFs and BUTs and should/could/would have beens).

      I guess the only way for me is to play satellites win some, unregister,cycle continues…. build a roll and take shots at higher buyin tournies.

      AND YES:
      I usually shortstack 25 and 50 PLO, so I am giving them 2 to 1 some of the time to call me. PLO is high variance, and lossing 20-30 buyins is

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      Poker Guru

      I agree with your point that you may not be addressing the root cause properly.

      Its very important to analyze once`s game even when winning. Well the best part is that you have realized the importance to look closely at your game. Discuss some key hands or ask our coaches some questions and we will be glad to help you!

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