KTs defend in sb, flop a FD, A high flop, turn action.

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      Poker Stars $5.00+$0.10 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t20/t40 Blinds + t10 – 6 players
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      BTN: t3000 M = 25
      Hero (SB): t3000 M = 25
      BB: t3000 M = 25
      UTG: t3000 M = 25
      MP: t3000 M = 25
      CO: t3000 M = 25

      Pre Flop: (t120) Hero is SB with K T
      UTG raises to t80, , Hero calls t60, BB calls t40

      Flop: (t300) 7 A 5 (3 players)
      Hero checks, BB checks, UTG bets t150, Hero calls t150, BB folds

      Turn: (t600) K (2 players)
      Hero checks, UTG bets t360, Hero ??


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      So, UTG raises 2X,

      I gave him a generous range of 22+ A2ss+ A6o+ KQo+ KQs+, ignored suited connectors for a while.
      So, pre-flop you had equity of 40% against that range, Early game, call seems fine to me, Answered part 1.

      Part 2. On the flop
      Against that range, now you have a equity of 38%, I think that definitely calls for a X/R, I personally would have done it. These stakes are crazy, people like to barrel till you raise them.
      Thinking deep, when you call him after flop, you have to accept another barrel if he’s barreling and definitely another bet when he has an Ace, so early in game I doubt if after a Check/call on flop and check on turn, you’ll get a check back, you are oop and things don’t look good even with a K, his bet sizing is pretty hefty, but then again nobody taught them bet sizing?

      Part 3. Now, let’s rethink what can be the range of this player?
      He min raised pre-flop UTG, and kept betting on 2 streets pretty hefty(60%+ around) with an A on board. So, now I opened poker stove and gave him 55, 77, A7o+ A2s+ JJ+(people love overplaying their pockets), you have an equity of 33% after turn, his bet size does not give you the right odds to call here. A fold may be good, but honestly what I would have done, had I come this far would have been a call. Simply because, people bluff a lot when you show weakness, they just like to bet heavy on the oop checker.

      Would love to know what you did?
      Raise on Flop would have made things simpler indeed 🙂

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      I would have led out flop and turn rather than passive c/c.
      As played, call the turn, your hand has showdown value and you are getting good odds (including implied odds) to make the call profitable

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      Dv- That’s a pretty silly way of constructing a range IMO; first of all your pre-flop range is stupid; this is exactly how not to go about constructing a range. First of all it makes no sense to have a guy raising A6o but not QJss or 89ss, secondly there’s just no basis for this range, you’ve literally come up with a random range off the top of your head and you are now using that arbitrary range to make flop and turn decisions, which is silly.

      The problem shows quite clearly when your post-flop range excludes his flush draws, possible air hands etc; you are being way too rigid about this.

      Vinay- calling from SB not so great.

      OTF- this is fine. We don’t want to raise this at any stage since you can never get it in with just the FD at this stack depth.

      Turn- Call obv. You are ahead of some of his hands and you have plenty of express and implied odds on rive.r

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      Arjun Parmar

      either raise or fold from the SB… rest as prabhat has advised…

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      hmm Call flop call turn….IMO…pre fold/call either is fine …raising sucks at all 3 this early…

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      Result: called turn, river bricked, he bet 1K otr, I folded.

      thanks for the advice everyone. concluding it that call pre was marginal.

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      Rajit Kumar

      fold pre against UTG raise…rest as played is fine imo..

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      sb worst position to flat from, so definitely fold pre, even in position I am not always calling even a 3x pre with KTss even though we are 150bbs deep. Obv Wud call TJss a much higher % than KTss, but anywyas, u can leed flop or check/raise flop, check calling is a bit passive but fine this deep. Turn is ez check call, plenty of outs on river.

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