$lim$hady19 vs Keenyle micro stakes SNG year end battle..

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      I $lim$hady19(sahil chutani) and keenyle(sharad rao) will be running a prop bet for year end SNG profit (micro stakes).

      Both of us have reset our SS profiles as of today.prop bet is worth 20 K inr. The cut off time is 31 dec 2014.

      T& C:

      -No HU sngs allowed
      -No rebuy sngs
      – max BI is of 4.5 $ per sng
      -only profit will be taken into account
      -min. 45 player sng, max- 180 man
      -any speed sngs- turbo, hyper, slow,regular
      -Sharkscope will be used as final verdict for profit calculation
      -cut off dates- 4 dec 2014 14:30 IST to 1 jan 2015 00:00 hrs
      – no limit for volume

      Guy with maximum profit in the sngs which satisy the criteria above wins the bet.

      Good luck to both of us ..:)

      will keep the thread updated…cheers…

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      Sharad Rao

      Looks good to me Sahil, Good luck 😀

      Lets gooooooooo. B|

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      Madan Kumar

      nice!! good luck…

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      Sharad Rao

      Thanks boss. Whose side are you on? 😛

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      Nice one guys gl gl

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      Sharad Rao

      Thankyou, i think i’m gonna need loads of that 😛

      All of your comments are a big motivation. 🙂

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      Day1 updates: $lim$hady19 is up a meagre 18 bucks…keenyle is down 102 bucks…big weekend this, cud decide momentum swing…let’s go…..

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      Sharad Rao


      Keenyle: $-102

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      Gl guys… this should get interesting

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      Good Luck!!

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      Sharad Rao

      Thanks techdemo and antilog 😀
      Gotta turn the tables soon.

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      Sharad Rao

      $lim$hady19: $+65.84
      Keenyle: $-131.23

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      its just the start..loads more swings to come..glgl

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      Sharad Rao

      Yes thankyou JD :D, made 4 fts and few itm’s yest and best i could end was 3rd,sucks. volume’s gonna be the key here.

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      $lim$hady19: $+110
      Keenyle: $-1.7

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      Sharad Rao

      $lim$hady19: $+552
      Keenyle: $-18.07

    • #37833

      $lim$hady19: $+627
      Keenyle: $-164

    • #37835

      $lim$hady19: $+661
      Keenyle: $-36.65

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      $lim$hady19: $+1056
      Keenyle: $+67.71

    • #37838

      $lim$hady19: $+1096
      Keenyle: $-89.07

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      $lim$hady19: $+1117
      Keenyle: $-172

    • #37841
      Sharad Rao

      $lim$hady19: $+1119
      Keenyle: $-11

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      Sharad Rao

      $lim$hady19: $+1082
      Keenyle: $+286.89

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      Will the real sllim shady pleae stand up

    • #37844

      $lim$hady19: $+1511
      Keenyle: $+166…

      Slim shady is back…

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      $lim$hady19: $+1609
      Keenyle: $+204

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      Sharad Rao

      Okay guys its month end and time to update this thread. Sorry to be out of the news, i opted out of the bet 12 days in coz of issues with my staking group. My main games were the regular speed games and i started spending more time and energies on the turbo sngs for which i wasn’t staked for. We made a deal between ourselves where sahil and i settled for me paying some% of the 20k and that was about it.

      Well, it was a great journey and i would love to do something like this again for 2015 but no more switching games for the sake of it.
      The best what i got out of it was the support from my friends and the community, everyone’s inputs motivated me kept me on the right track.
      I always feel i’m very lucky to meet the best people when i need them the most.
      Thankyou guys, means a lot for a kid like me 🙂

      Now a moment for the beast, I have known him for quite a while now and haven’t seen anyone with more enthusiasm than Sahil.
      Always up with questions/spots, his work ethics and dedication is what makes him #1 Sng player for 2014.
      The goal or motive for this bet was to top the sng leaderboard for India and Sahil did it with a pretty healthy lead too.
      Congrats mate, well deserved.
      Looking forward for 2015, gonna get you this time for sure.

      Final scores after day 13:
      $lim$hady19: $+1690
      Keenyle: $+260

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      It was gud challenge as it provided me motivation and I took my game seriously putting in daily Volume…at the end both of us learnt abt ur games a lot…i know my main game is turbos atm and sharad knows that he likes regular speed tourneys…thanks for all the support guys..appreciate it.

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      And for the record Sharad u still owe me some money from the prop bet, plus a healthy Buddy bonus once u ship a mtt over 1k+…:D

    • #27927

      all dues cleared….prop bet paid off.

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