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      sunny sen

      Deep dealer’s choice ROE (NL,PLO, some LO game at local club, villain plays the asian circuit a fair bit (backed i think) with some recent local event bink, also has lot of experience playing deep live PLO u/g club games (upto 50/100 frm what ive heard) and is supposedly (unverified) biggish winner. PLO is definitely his strongest game. Seems to have excellent understanding of where he is in most hands which makes up for his looseness/fundamentally unsound play, views hero as aggressive.

      10/10/10 PLO 7 handed (Singapore dollars)

      Hero: 6k
      Villain: 10k
      BB: 3k

      Game is 10/10/10 (straddled)

      Hero: Ah3h4cJc

      Villain limps utg. Hero limps from mp. Sb checks. Bb raises it 60. Straddle folds. Hero calls villain call SB folds.

      Flop: 9h6c4h

      BB checks. Villain bets 180. Hero calls BB calls

      Turn: 9h6c4h Ac

      BB checks. Villain bets 600. Hero raises to 2.4k. BB folds. Villain calls.

      River: 9h6c4h Ac Qd

      Villain shoves. Hero

      can hero find the fold button here?

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      you and the PG mentors are the reg PLO cash guys in these forums here i think.. but i ll still attempt my thought and action in this for my learnings.. calling math : 3400 to win 5540 on the river.. (1.6-1)..

      ok can’t put villain on a range pre..

      post flop :
      villain’s range : sets, 2 pair, flush draw, straight draws, or combo (air? not really i think in plo)
      hero’s range (in villains mind): flush draws, straight draws, combos, 2 pair (not including sets since hero would have raised the bet or would you play slow with set here considering you maybe behind with sets on this board)

      post turn action:
      villains range : sets would have jammed, flush-straight draw combo may flat the raise (could have clipped the ace to add some equity in the hand), 2 pair gives up unless its improved to better 2p in which case it jams too (since hero is not repping set here).
      hero’s range : flush/straight draw combos will not raise unless they have set/2pair to go along with them, 2 pair will not raise as sets are still in villains range pre-turn-raise

      so essentially villain is repping a hand very similar to the hero or missed combo draws..

      combining the math to call and combinations (just outwardly) .. looks like an easy call..

      there is of course the chance that I am goofing up in my thought process … if I am please do point it out…

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