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      i was playing on full tilt for the ipc freeroll and had something like 7k + chips, suddenly got aa i was glad thought that this pot is mine, i was middle in the position to react i raised to 2 bigblinds & suddenly got a re raise, so went up allin and he did call then so the flop was 3 6 7 & turn comes q and hell with the river it brings a k, i lost around 3 k with that pot. lol cant say after this………

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      I’ve given up worrying about my Aces being cracked .. what annoys me is when someone raises you allin with KJ OOP and hits his str8 on the river he gets up and starts doing a victory dance ….. while you sit there and say nh … @~#*&%$ …. then he says I thought you raised to steal the pot and thats why I shoved … at least have the grace to say sorry I was lucky and sucked out …

      Moral .. Aces are only winning preflop … it’s what you have at the river that counts …

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