m1sspiggy wins $66k in PokerStars’ 90 billionth hand

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      You’ve probably seen some big $1/2 no-limit hold’em games, but chances are you’ve never seen one as big as the one that marked PokerStars’ 90 billionth hand. When the big PokerStars cashier machine stopped spinning, that one hand of six-max NLHE paid out $229,630.
      Leave it to PokerStars player “m1sspiggy” to hog the lion’s share of it, too. When all the cards were on the table, m1sspiggy’s 4♣7♣ had made two pair. The pot itself was worth $1,200. The doubled bonus prize for winning PokerStars 90 billionth hand? It totaled $66,380.

      n the run-up to the 90 billionth, PokerStars threw a million-dollar party. Every million hands, PokerStars had been giving out money to winners of special milestone deals. In total, players won more than $1,150,000 in bonus money. It happened almost every hour for a week, but the big one came today.

      The 90 billionth hand hit at the $1/2 NLHE table “Ornamenta.” The players could barely type their shock. One wrote “sick.” Another wrote “wow.” Another wrote “Let’s limp.”

      There would be no limping. None at all, as you can see for yourself in the screenshot below.

      When it was all said and done, the two pair was good for the pot, the prize, and the bonus. Here’s who got paid what:
      Milestone Hand: #90000000000
      m1sspiggy — $66,380.00
      Balázska87 — $36,370.00
      carambaWOW — $14,770.00
      guss23778 –$48,130.00
      Kud3 — $32,190.00
      SHUR43 –$31,790.00
      Total: $229,630.00

      Now, the 90 billionth party is done, but, unlike most parties, you don’t have to go home. In fact, you should stay right here. If the math holds, PokerStars will likely deal its 95 billiionth hand sometime in February, and then will reach the end of the Road to 100 Billion sometime in May.
      For now, though, congratulations to m1sspiggy for winning PokerStars’ 90 billionth hand.

      Source: PokerStarsblog.com

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